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    Changed your mind about marijuana?

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    One Plant It and It Will Grow


    Everywhere you look its Marijuana this and Marijuana that and a name that comes up again and again. I can see why that name comes up. It is like an old friend who is from my college days.


    In the world of vast social media and the quick internet fame that follows, there stands one time tested living "meme" that takes the Cannabis legalization cause to a whole new "high".


    Meet comedian and Cannabis Emissary Buddy Plant. A man who just may be the first mainstream "marijuana" reality show host with his new show thats in the pre-production phase of its pilot segment called "One Plant It".


    Plant, who hails from Hollywood California, is seen all over social media as his meme quotes and posters are passed around from one Cannabis community person to another while all making the rounds internationally.


    While doing my research on Buddy, I found myself drawn into a world outside not only the "norm" but also somewhat as hazy, as the current laws on Marijuana both on the state and federal government levels.


    While recreational legalization in Colorado does exist, there is this gray area between the states law and the federal law. Until the federal law is changed it really still isn't "legal". Even medical marijuana patients face that same reality. At any given moment they can still become criminals in the eyes of the law.


    This is part of the focus of Buddy Plant's cartoons, memes, performance and legalization activism.


    I recently was granted access to Mr. Plant for a brief, yet memorable interview which not only included me getting a huge "second hand" high just by sitting within four feet of him, but also included a fantastic lunch buffet prepared with many of the finest Cannabis ingredients by Mr. Plant's world renown personal chef, Herb Hash.


    Being that I was not a medical marijuana card carrying patient, I was not allowed to eat the Cannabis edible layout, but instead was given a plain house salad and a choice between a slice of pizza or a Twix candy bar.


    I chose neither but the salad tasted really marvelous.


    After some more research I began to note that as "way out there" as he is, Buddy has found a way to educate the masses through his celebrity persona and his "Nomedy" as he explains


    "Most people think I am a comedian… thats too much work. I do Nomedy which is just a tad less than comedy. If you set your comedy bar low… It makes my job easier and I will eventually make you laugh"


    After spending several hours wandering Buddy's website I found myself doing just that. I laughed at some of his animated material especially when he debates the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Nancy Grace and Ann Coulter, all on marijuana. Literally.


    His new show "One Plant It" is currently crowd funding on Indiegogo the largest global fundraising site to bring the topic of Marijuana and its benefits to the mainstream audience. Buddy describes it best as "It will be like "Entertainment Tonight" for the Cannabis Community".


    As the show is now in its pre-production phase I am told the format is being fine tuned and the overwhelming support has been a great asset especially considering the topic of Marijuana itself.


    Just not too long ago there was no legal weed at all and everyone went to jail. At least today it appears the United States is almost half way there with over 20 states medicinally legal.


    This time I spent with Buddy will be etched upon me for life and so I can see why his personality is memorable and an asset in the sea of "talking head" show hosts we see all around us daily.


    So I guess I will have to wait until the fall to see what Buddy has in store for the world. His quirky yet cool style and trademark top hat set the mood for when you meet this man in the flesh.


    i can now say I am now a fan of Buddy Plant and that I am also very hungry.


    Now if I can get him on network TV… I'd watch that for free. lol...









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