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    Benghazi or Peyton's Place? S.C.'s Senator Lindsey Graham: "I was very heterosexual, and that's all you need to know".


    No, Senator Graham, tell the truth.  Tell why over the past weekend Benghazi, Libya was the scene of horror not known EVER in my city.  Neither pogrom nor revolution has seen so many dead in Benghazi than the fire that burns out of control as you fan it with oxygenated hot air every time you heave from sinking ignorant jowls the word "Benghazi".

    Just shut your mouth.  Please.  I will now tell you why Benghazi now Burns.   You have become irreverent.

    I do not care if you are homosexual or not, but I think that Woman's and Gender Studies is worthy and noble and worth the funds of higher education.   The Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic World History Minor no longer exists at the University of South Carolina.   I have screamed for it.  No one listened.  They are ignorant just like you.

    Now it is Women's and Gender Study that has been eliminated.   I do not scream for myself.

    It is quite hard to excel and fight so that others may excel.  I have become hoarse, Benghazi is Burning, and your belligerence is nauseating, for as I have said, you seem to have bug, a cyclical error and MUST make an appointment with DR. Strange ROVE.

    There are actually a lot of things I need to know.  And there are a lot more things, which the American people, the citizens of South Carolina need to know.   I will dig them from the ashes of Benghazi.  It will not be the first time.  As Gaddafi Security offices in Tripoli burned during 2011, truth, your hidden truths, were cast into the wind for me to catch.

    Now you Lindsey, will listen and I will talk.   If you can remember even scantly what i say and repeat it, you will have said the first intelligent thing since you exposed the US Army drug test.   Almost 20 years ago.

    You, like all who profit from misery, have used, and continue to use Benghazi as something you could even fathom.   You have proven yourself incapable of such synaptic relay.  Your use of "Benghazi" as a buzzword to command both authority, attention, and FEAR has proven that you are, perhaps, incapable of even thought itself and just may need to see Dr. STRANGE ROVE.  It is over your head sir.   There is no greater distance between the knowing subject and the object that is known.  Benghazi is now on fire.

    My city is burning and it sears my flesh from the across the Atlantic that I have extend my hand and my knowledge.  Both have been true for they are in earnest.   Yet you swat both in ignorance.

    Where is your Libya hat?  Is it in your office where I presented it to you, along with an open invitation to Benghazi?  You were told that any question you had, anything at all about Benghazi, I would so eagerly give, collect, relay, transfer, period.   Just an open hand.   In short it is the same invitation I have extend to scholars, academics, journalists, writers, politicians, companies, and all who are curious or feign curiosity.

    You kept the hat but returned no reply.   No class.

    U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones at least had the tact to respond after I visited her office in Tripoli as I did yours in Columbia, SC.

    She is pleasant, but like you, unhelpful, ineffective, and only still employed because no one actually goes to Benghazi.   Except me.  No one publishes their findings.   Except me.  You can say whatever you want.   And you do.  Until now.

    Because I walk Benghazi like it is mine.  Because it is mine.   I opened my home, my city, my Benghazi to you and all who I knew to be interested in my beautiful, beautiful Benghazi.

    Benghazi now burns at the hands of Khalifa Haftar and Ari Ben Menashe as they put down a city.  My city.

    The CIA knows both of them so well that Langley Virginia is their home like Columbia SC is mine. You know of them and if you do not, I am hardly surprised what you do not know.

    Every single time you open your mouth someone in Benghazi dies.  In Benghazi, my city, Benghazi, Libya, where I know every single narrow alley like the basement of 1122 Lady Street. Like the back of my hand.  It seems that you and Huckaby know your campaign platforms like the backs of your heads.   Do not let my Libyan door hit all that knowledge on your way out of the picture.

    My favorite zenga, or narrow alley, in the center of Historic Benghazi, Libya has all the makings and markings for Hollywood.

    As someone who makes a revolving door of the Atlantic, I can say that zombie and apocalyptic rehashes of everything from Godzilla to Noah are both fantasy and disturbing fact.

    As I go back and forth between Columbia, SC and Benghazi, Libya, I am amused at Guy Fox masks that have proven to be the only neutralizing factor, the only desegregation plan, that can unite the hope of humanity when cheap horror movie clichés scare the uninitiated.

    Bloody handprints, much less those that seem so savage and desperate and universal in their ability to freeze final acts, have always been perhaps more frightening than the body itself.

    I always knew that any movie, play, or show about anything to do with Benghazi would be epic.

    In ways that Englishmen crave to be Scottish if for only to cry FREEDOM! as William Wallace did,  it was in the City of Sidi Ghazi that eyes of the world saw for themselves that all men die, but so few and captivating are those who have lived as free men, and even fewer and close to God are those who die free men.

    It was they who chose certain death with free will and chose it so that others may be free, whether those beside them or their sons.

    Or those across the Atlantic.

    The Bosco Chocolate Syrup that Hitchcock used in Pyscho terrorized a generation of Americans and ingrained into their own psyches what stimulates fear and horror and murder and terror.


    Bloody handprints are chocolate syrup until incumbent Senators who claim to demand answers about "Benghazi"......... demand a lab test or two.

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