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    Posted May 16, 2014 by
    new york city, New York

    Jonathan Mikula how to Find an innovative business idea by traveling

    Jonathan Mikula : travel is one of the easiest to find a business idea innovative ways of traveling. Many products and services are popular in other countries, but unknown or poorly developed in France, and it is possible to earn fortunes by importing concepts or products. All countries to visit for ideas, the first is certainly the United States, which often have 4-5 years ahead of us, sometimes more, and many innovative products and services which eventually landed in France .

    Jonathan Mikula : This also applies to Internet businesses, and many French successes in this area are directly inspired by successes in the United States (or have copied, it is called copycat in the jargon of startups ), eg Meetic, which was inspired by Match.com or Ibazar which was inspired by Ebay ( and has been acquired by it) .

    The advantage now is that it is possible to study the U.S. market without leaving home, but nothing beats a trip there to study trends and realize the already widespread adoption of technologies still infancy with us ( the digital book market is a glaring example today is highly developed in the United States and still in its infancy in France ). Without going so far as technical areas, sometimes very simple products and services ( it enough to think ) can easily be adapted or imported into France ... must still have knowledge .

    Sometimes it is possible to import in France (or elsewhere) products that already exist, but are sold much cheaper elsewhere. Attention in this case to check that everything is concrete legal side.

    2. Listening

    Did you know that modern humans appeared there about 200,000 years and that:

    The domestication of animals started there about 15 000 years with dogs. For 185 000 years, nobody realized that animals could be used for something other than being hunted and eaten.
    Agriculture was invented that there are about 12,000 years. It took 188,000 years, 1,880 centuries for men to understand that they could control part of the way to grow plants, instead of just picking them to eat .
    The wheel, we see every day at work, was invented that there are about 5500 years. For nearly 195,000 years, no man has thought to build to help carry heavy loads that would wear himself.
    Writing was invented in around the same time as the wheel, there are approximately 5500 years. Never before had a man thought he could recreate the form of written signs the words he spoke .
    And - most importantly I think ;) - ice cream was invented there about 4000 years, but it is only 3900 years later someone invented the horn .

    These examples show that there are around us constantly, ideas to exploit, which are so simple that it can bring a fortune to their inventor, while others will say but why do not I not thought of it before ? .

    To try to find one of these ideas, try an attitude that will come to you : stay tuned. Listening including all phrases that contain such words :

    It sucks
    It's not terrible
    it annoys me
    it would be nice if ...
    Is not that great
    Etc. .

    Whenever someone speaks these words in speaking of a product or service, whether free or not, you know it points to a lack thereof. Provide a service or product rid of this failure can make your fortune. Meanwhile, it is a first idea, as you face the market study ( see below) and you can have dozens of ideas like this every week.

    Tip: write down your idea as soon as you have it, in a book that you have on you or on your phone. Have you ever had a great idea if you were sure you remember all your life, all for the day to remind you that you had an idea ... without knowing why ? If yes, write down your ideas as they arrive ;).
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