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    Sonoma County, California
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    Fitness Coach -- Karen Krueger Is Impacting The World Around Her By Sharing How To Easily Create Clean And Healthy Eating Habits Via Her Free electronic book


    We are thrilled today as we have as our special guest Karen Krueger – after she lost 40 pounds she had a deep rooted passion to pay it forward and become a coach.


    Now as she continues to keep her own fitness up she is always helping others achieve physical refreshing results too.


    Here she is Karen Krueger:


    “I am a wife and mother of two young boys. I was diagnosed with MS in 2009.


    I went through some very challenging times navigating through a chronic illness.


    When none of the medicines helped me I was forced to examine myself and change my diet and lifestyle so I could live healthy. After feeling better I tried out a fitness challenge group and within a short time I was able to lose 40 + pounds and keep it off!


    It was then that I decided I wanted to pay it forward and help others with and without MS be their own advocate and get healthy and fit. So I became a fitness coach and I love it!


    Some challenges I face is just not knowing how I will feel each day, but luckily I have been feeling wonderful and am able to push through my workouts and eat a proper diet.


    The support and encouragement I get on a daily basis keeps me going as well as seeing my own team succeed.


    The fitness company I work with is like no other company out there!


    This is not about a ‘magic wrap’ or a ‘quick fix’ this is truly a lifestyle change and it is about really helping others get fit physically as well as emotionally.


    So -- a little more about me….


    I live in beautiful Sonoma County California also known as wine country and I have 2 beautiful sons as well as a wonderful husband.


    I struggled with my weight up and down all my life. And in 2009 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
    This was one of the most terrifying times in my whole life.


    I continued to eat poorly and continued to decline.
    The doctors wanted me to take a bunch of different drugs and I did but I only got worse. I came across a lady by the name of Dr. Terry Wahls, who also had MS, and I saw that she created a diet and followed it and was able to get out of her wheelchair.


    I knew I didn't want to end up in a wheel chair or take any more dangerous drugs so I invested in her book ‘Minding My Mitochondria’ and after reading her advice I quickly changed my diet.


    Within weeks I felt much better and my symptoms such as numbing or pain started diminishing.


    I truly love when those that apply the methods I share on my website send testimonials such as this one from Crystal Garcia:


    "Just wanted to share my story on 21day Fix. It really works you guys. I have a medical condition that's very similar to MS and was taking meds that brought me up to 199lbs.


    Right before I started this program I went off some of the meds and lost 15 lbs doing nothing but then I was stuck and couldn't lose anymore. I started 21day Fix February 24th I think and in only 3 weeks following the program I lost 15 lbs. Its only 30 minutes a day for 21 days.


    The shakeology gave me so much energy and I felt like a whole new person. You will never be hungry there was so much food to choose from and so much food you had to eat I almost couldn't finish it all.


    The exercise programs were awesome. It works your whole body.


    At this moment I can't do any of this because my health is not doing good but the best part I have been able to maintain my weight and not gain it back.


    So if you are considering something simple to give you a jump start I would most definitely give 21day fix a try.


    Trust me you’re not going to lose anything but pounds and inches."


    Or this one….


    “Hi Karen, I just wanted to thank you personally for changing my life.


    Through your YouTube video about gilenya I found Dr. Terry Wahls. I have MS and was injecting myself with betaferon after getting open wounds and numb spots the neurologist wanted to put me on gilenya.


    I started the diet a month ago and already feel the positive changes and have more energy and don't have the pains I used to have.


    So keep up what you aredoing because your reaching a lot of people because of that and changing their lives. You and Dr. Terry Wahls changed my life and lifestyle. Best wishes and a big hug from me"
    -Eve Marres


    WOW! And I could not leave this one from Jodi Deutsch out either:


    "I am wearing clothes that I haven't worn since before I was pregnant with my daughter. I actually choose clothes that show off my shape rather than hide it under big bulky layers.


    And I find I actually want to take time with my appearance in the morning. I actually am wearing makeup, doing my hair and wearing jewellery!


    I feel good about myself on the inside and want it to reflect on the outside."


    If you are inspired by my personal story and also want to make your own changes with your health please let me know on my website where we have an amazing team called ‘Team Warriors’ and we are growing fast.” said, Karen Krueger, CEO ‘Team Warriors via www.KareneKrueger.com

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