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    Dallas, Texas
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    The New Oil or Green Economy

    Please share this - When people work together in harmony to grow organic food where they live that contributes to the other life forms like insects, birds, and bees to raise themselves and thier families off of raw organic food that actually feeds the community of other life forms in thier local ecosystem without chemicals, pesticides, and pollution; a rare sustainable plant/metal life form is created within the soil that comes from the organic natural plant decay including leaves and stalks of plants after harvested that compliments the soil and enriches the soil that is only achieved when the life in the organic growth, insect, and animal life is rich without chemicals. That rare by product of organic natural growth is what is known as MONOATOMIC GOLD. Monoatomic gold is what the extraterrestrials use to cure themselves because it naturally fixes thier DNA from experiments they did to thier DNA from life extension experiments that were not natural. The extraterrestrials in one time told our world leaders that they would exchange new technologies for GOLD as currency, but the gold they thought would help them build thier spaceships was not worth anything because it does not provide the same value as MONOATOMIC GOLD, which actually not only cures DNA, but also gives you natural energy, and if used correctyly in abundance, provides fuel for spaceships to travel to other planets. When you travel to other planets with that fuel source, you go to the crust layer of the planet to see if there is more MONOATOMIC GOLD, and if not, you cure and heal the DNA of life forms if possible or learn the DNA of life forms on that planet and what that planet needs to produce life. Anyways, MONOATOMIC GOLD is what Jesus used to cure people and save lives and because of that he was followed by the orange and white orbs because he was the source of the MONOATOMIC GOLD that they needed too. Somehow another ET race had tried to steal planets and was deceived or did not understand that the only way you can get the gold that produces, heals, cures life forms is by getting everyone on the planet to work in harmony with the earths ecosystem in groups with synchronised communication to create a sustainable robust healthy system on the planet that in return produces MONOATOMIC GOLD. That is the achievement you gain by protecting the natural sustainable resources on a planet that provides food, peace, health, and fuel to travel to other planets that are doing the same thing. Our planet is the only one in the universe that is about to die because the leaders and scientists, and shadow government do not understand that thier leaders, because of being thieves, unaccountable for thier understanding of how everything works together on the planet naturally for food and water to produce MONOATOMIC GOLD that renders military and weapons useless because of its value and transdemensional travel which provides defense from militarized planets that dont understand the true value of planets and life forms on them that grow naturally.
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