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    Betty Pleasant…..the typical Black electorate can’t be that alarmed because typically dysfunctional Black electorates keep electing and re-electing disgraceful and unethical individuals to a position of influence!


    CNN i-Report: “FBI Investigators....LA County Public Servants and Defense Attorneys for the LA County Sheriff's Department Can't Successfully Discredit the Reputation of the Whistle Blowers, because the Victims Violated by Government Officials all have Clean Records!”




    YouTube: "Thank You for Serving the Oppressed so-Called Vexatious Litigant, Honorably Discharged U.S. Veteran, etc." by mll1127







    Betty Pleasant worked for the Los Angeles “Yellow Journal” Sentinel as well.


    The Los Angeles Sentinel is now owned by the well known poverty pimp, Danny Bakewell, Sr.


    “The 62nd Assembly District’s real representative” by Betty Pleasant, Contributing Editor, The Los Angeles Wave Newspaper, Thursday, May 15, 2014

    Selected Excerpts:

    1. Virtually the first thing Assemblyman Ridley-Thomas did after he was sworn into office was to send me a press release announcing his endorsement of Burke for the 62nd Assembly seat. I was shocked. So I called Sebastian and asked him what the heck he was doing, as this woman has no more experience with the functions of a representative government nor knowledge of any community outside of Brentwood and Marina Del Rey than my 5-year-old granddaughter!

    2. “She’s not seeking admittance to a college, she’s seeking admittance to the state Legislature,” I screamed. “She knows nothing. Who’s going to tell her what to do?”


    Board of Supervisors, LA County Charter, ARTICLE II. Section 4.

    "The County of Los Angeles shall have a Board of Supervisors consisting of five members, each of whom must be an elector of the district which he represents, must reside therein during his incumbency, must have been such an elector for at least one year immediately preceding his election, and shall be elected by such district. Their terms of office shall be four years, and each shall hold until his successor is elected and qualified. No person while a member of the Board of Supervisors shall receive any compensation, in addition to that provided for by this Section, for services rendered to any public or governmental entity. They shall each receive as compensation for their services a salary, payable monthly from the County Treasury, which shall be the same as that now or hereafter prescribed by law for a judge of the Superior Court in and for the County of Los Angeles, except that retirement benefits shall be those now or hereafter provided by law for officers and employees of the County of Los Angeles. They shall devote all their time during business hours to the faithful service of the public."


    YouTube: “Yvonne Burke Lives in Brentwood” by Gregory Flap Cole, July 27, 2007

    Betty Pleasant, you can’t be that surprised or concerned because Autumn Burk’s mother, former 2nd District Los Angeles County Supervisor Yvonne “Brentwood” Burke was a fraud and in violation of the Los Angeles County Charter residency requirement the entire time she held office as an LA County Supervisor, and Black voters and journalists in the 2nd District did nothing and said nothing against the fraud Brentwood Burke perpetrated on the Black community.

    3. Assemblyman Ridley-Thomas replied: “I will.”

    4. Then I went ballistic and started ranting about how the people of the 62nd District have the right to elect their own representative and not some know-nothing who would be controlled by him.

    5. Then the assemblyman said to me: “Do you want her to be controlled by Bernard Parks?”

    6. I hung up. I couldn’t take it anymore. Then I called Papa Ridley-Thomas and told him what his son said to me. The elder Ridley-Thomas was actually taken aback. He did not like it that his son had been so candid with me; he blamed it on his “youthful enthusiasm” and said he would have to talk to Sebastian about his mouth. Yeah, well, the damage was done because he mouthed off and blew the whole Ridley-Thomas strategy to a friend who happens to be a journalist.

    7. I don’t have a problem with politicians endorsing qualified candidates for offices, but this is a new strategy that goes beyond the pale, in which they endorse, raise ridiculous amounts of money for and campaign to seat know-nothing novices so they can rule over political kingdoms.

    8. Which brings us to Burke and Johnson, both of whom are just sops put forth to appease the Ridley-Thomas quest for power to the detriment of the people. I can’t let that happen. You, the people, can’t let that happen. Save yourselves and vote against Burke and Johnson.

    9. OTHER ELECTION STUFF — A massive board of education candidates’ forum was held Monday at the Vision Theatre in Leimert Park — the heart of the black community — and guess what? Ridley-Thomas’ handpicked candidate, Alex Johnson, did not show up. And this time, neither one of the Ridley-Thomases showed up to represent their candidate as they’ve done in the past. I guess they figured out that that was a no-no.


    CNN i-Report: “Taxation Without Competent Representation is Very Real in the Black Community!” June 14, 2009

    2nd District LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas has been a disgrace as well, ……like father like son, Assemblyman Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, is just carryon the tradition of deceit. As long as the majority of Black voters use the political process as a popularity contest as opposed to holding a prospective candidate and incumbent accountable to the Constitution, the Oath of Office, and the rule of law, the Black community will continue to have elected officials who disgrace the office, which amounts to “Taxation without competent Representation”, competent representation being a must, that is if any community expects progress.









    CNN i-Report: “Taxation Without Competent Representation is Very Real in the Black Community!” June 14, 2009




    CNN i-Report: “They gave the native American Indians small pox infected blankets...they gave U.S. born Blacks prisons, sellout lawyers...including sellout university educated Black lawyers, Planned Parenthood, no good pimping preachers, and no good elected officials.”
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