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    LEGO Faces of Star Wars


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     ChrisMorrow was at Legoland California Sunday for a sneak peek at the resort's new waterpark addition and noticed the Star Wars section, where she shot these photos.
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer

    STAR WARS faces from LEGOLAND!


    (Descriptions provided by LEGOLAND)

    1. Yoda - The most renowned and powerful Jedi Master in galactic history. With his great wisdom and mastery of the force, Yoda leads the Jedi Council until he is forced into hiding by the Empire. He teaches Luke Skywalker the ways of the Jedi.


    2. Leia Organa - Daughter of Padme' Amidala and Anakin Skywalker, and Luke Skywalker's twin sister. A princess, a senator, and a Rebel leader, Leia is instrumental in ending the tyranny of the Empire.


    3. Boba Fett - Like his father Jango Fett, Boba Fett is a notorious bounty hunter. He hunts down the Rebel heroes for both Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader.


    4. Darth Vader - The Dark Lord of the Sith was once Anakin Skywalker, a powerful Jedi Knight and great hero of the Republic who turned to the dark side of the Force. Vader serves the evil Emperor and is determined to crush the Rebels.


    5. Wicket W. Warrick - A yound Ewok warrior from the Forest Moon of Endor who befriends Princess Leia and helps the Rebels defeat the Empire during the Battle of Endor.


    6.  Luke Skywalker - Raised on the remote planet of Tatooine with no knowledge of his heritage, Luke Skywalker goes from simple farm boy to the greatest hero of the Rebellion. He learns the ways of the force, becoming a Jedi and allowing his father, Anakin Skywalker, to find redemption.


    7. Han Solo - A former smuggler and the captain of the Millenium Falcon. Han helps Luke Skywalker rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star, then joins the Rebel Alliance, becoming one of the Rebellion's most courageous heroes.


    8. Chewbacca - Known as "Chewie" by his friends, this legendary Wookiee is a Rebel hero and co-pilot of Han Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon.


    9. Anakin Skywalker - A Jedi Knight and a great hero of the Republic, Anakin is the Chosen One of Jedi prophecy, the one destined to bring balance to the force by destroying the Sith.


    10. R2-D2 - A loyal Astromech Droid who serves both Anakin Skywalker, and later Luke Skywalker. With his bravery and many gadgets, Artoo saves the day time and time again in both the Clone Wars and the Rebellion.

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