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    Posted May 19, 2014 by

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    We're Made of Light.


    What has been supposed in theory eighty years ago, it became real. A team of phisicists at the Imperial College of London has been able to convert energy in matter and antimatter, as the famous Einstein's formula predicted. Light is made of pure energy and the Einstein equation establish that energy may be converted in mass and vice versa, as E=mc**. The staff of Oliver Pike, in London, finally, demonstred by a scientific experiment that the equation may become a fact, transforming photons in electrons and positrons. It's just a first step in the infinite possibilities that the perspectives open. In the far 1934, John Wheeler and Gregory Breit, the first pioneers in the energy field, had no expectations about their theory, thinking that nobody ever would have been able to experience that incredible theory. Instead they were wrong. The Pike team produced two photon beams from different sources, and let them crash in a "cavity" called "hohlraum" (german) which has the property to keep a radiation equilibrium in its walls. The crash between photons generated one hundred thousand electrons complete of positrons, their correspondant antimatter. How much time again we must wait before to convert a human body in pure energy, and  let that opposite process happens. May be the key is behind the corner, despite Philip Warren Anderson printed that sentence which recites"More is different". We all are made of light.
    Guidonia Montecelio 19 of may, 2014 h. 12.00am. Mario R. Zampella ©

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