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    Posted May 21, 2014 by
    District of Columbia
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    You think that's enough?


    So you shop organic and natural and you try to eat right, but you still go out to restaurants that have additives in some foods and you are exposed to those and just one instance of exposure to EDTA the symptoms are horrible, pretty much identical to fibromyalgia and lupus and it can last for a month.


    You work at the organic market, You try to eat right but then you go to Chick Fil A and all the work you've done by eating right is undone within seconds after taking your first bite.


    You're okay with having that pepperoni on your pizza, well it's only this one time, right?


    Wrong. Eating it once is just as bad as eating it every day. when you get to the point of not being exposed to anything you will find that when you are exposed... it's going to hit you like a ton of bricks.


    The good thing is that you can take the dye free benadryl to help the symptoms, the downfall is that you have to retake it every four hours as directed. And you have to keep on taking it until whatever you ate is purged from your body and that could take as little as a week for the dyes and as much as a month, or more for the EDTA.


    This is very simply not optional, you have to do this every day all day long, you can't jump off the wagon anytime you like because as you become free of the additives when you get them you're not going to like it and you're not going to feel good.


    Keep in mind that the way you are feeling when you accidently consume an additive is what was going on without your knowledge before you started paying attention to what you put into your body.


    You wonder why you feel like crap all the time, think about the variety of toxic chemicals you've eaten over the past 24 hours and you have your answer.


    The fact is any pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages or even soaps and shampoos containing any of the FD&C and D&C dyes, flavors, or preservatives will cause a variety of problems. I haven't been able to isolate which additive causes what kind of problem, or problems.


    They vary from mild allergic reactions to making you feel so bad that you want to go to the hospital, which quite possibly can happen. When you are free of the additives you will feel great. But when you get something unexpectedly it's going to hit you hard. But you can handle feeling that way for a day, or two unless it's EDTA that takes considerably longer to get rid of.


    The only way to do this is to take it on and face it. You have to take control of your life, Nobody knows your body better than you do.


    Many people want change, they want to feel better, they want to not have migraine headaches, or ringing in their ears. But shopping for this and that at the organic market, or in the organic section.


    If you want this to work, you have to change everything.


    Not just this and, or that.


    If you want to do what I did don't eat at any restaurants. it seems like every time I try to give a restaurant a chance I get hit with a reaction to some additive that I don't even know when, or where it will hit me, but I know that at some point it will hit me. You too... will come expect that to happen and you may at times accept it and eat something you know it going to make you feel bad.


    But honestly it's not worth it. I find myself doing everything I can to avoid the additives. I am just tired of feeling sick and tired all of the time.


    Aren't you?

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