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    Maitland, Florida
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    Juan Castanos - Diamond Village A Sustainable Amphibious Project


    The Diamond Village a sustainable amphibious project a concept of adaptation from flooding.


    Today floods cause billions of dollars in damage and loss of human lives around the world.


    Architect Juan Castanos is proposing to build self-sustaining Amphibious Cities, that will host and help humanity in a world where floods are recurrent globally and is a concept to adapt from flooding. With climate change, global warming and the melting of glaciers, researchers predict a sharp rise in sea levels, which could stifle some of the world’s largest cities which are built near the coasts as well as rivers. This project called The Diamond Village is an answer to a worldwide problem.


    Diamond Village is a half mile wide floating amphibious sustainable structure that expands the land, making it a habitable and productive area that will be a solution to flood – prone countries around the world. The main feature of the intelligent design of an amphibious sustainable village is to rise as the flood waters increase but still remain stationary .


    The use of this unique diamond shape is so that the project may easily be expanded by attaching other floating sustainable structures as the need increases.
    This unique innovative design is the result of a Master Plan that has the following features: Board of Home Owners Association that will work side by side with local authorities. Public use, that will include a central park and six large green areas which will have soccer, baseball and football fields and playgrounds for residents as well visitors.

    The Diamond Village, will bring employment and self-sufficiency to its residents by having fish farms which will encourage industry and processing of the freshly harvested fish. Living in an amphibious village has many advantages, not only safety, but the economy.


    Marinas and restaurants with a beautiful waterfront view will be popular not only with residents but tourists as well. The marinas will have tours, fishing excursions, water transportation to travel to and from the Village. Local eateries which will have a variety of delectable fresh seafood and more.

    This project includes a bicycle path that fitness enthusiasts can use to travel throughout, these paths will have secure parking and lighting throughout with well marked signs. In the Diamond Village caring for our natural environment and the health of the residents is most important. Recycling of all plastics, glass, and metals will be part of keeping the Village clean and safe. Water treatment is a very important issue as well, there will be a water filtering system to keep the drinking water clean, and reclaimed water will be used for watering green and agriculture areas.

    These agriculture areas will consist of three sections where various fruits and vegetables can be planted and harvested. This produce will be for the benefit of all the residents, supplying the resources to feed their families and also provide an income by selling the produce in markets.

    As a resident of the Village your public utilities will be as environmentally friendly as possible by the use of solar cells and windmills for clean energy sources which will help greatly reduce the carbon footprint. Another feature of conservation will be a water collection system that will be in use during the rainy season so that there will never be a lack of water.

    The communications in the village will be through the use of a satellite system, where telephones, television, security surveillance and internet will be available. The residential area of the Village is divided into three community zones, these zones will house a population of approximately 520 people. In this proposed design the homes will be single story Spanish style homes featuring four gable roofs. The style of each home can be changed to fit the particular region of the world where they are being built.

    All the homes are to be built to the criteria of international construction codes and the use of environmentally friendly materials. Each neighborhood is designed to have direct contact with an eco-reserve where everyone can enjoy the native landscape. Schools such as Elementary, High School and College will be provided for the residents. A Health Care center will be available for medical needs in this Amphibious Village.

    The Diamond Village is a commercial mixed use design, meaning that residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, agricultural, industrial, and of course parks and recreational areas will all be functionally integrated together in this well organized sustainable project. A business center will also be available to all residents providing a professional business environment and a better way to offer their products that they will be producing in this village.

    Although many areas will be within walking distance or accessible by bicycle , roads will also be integrated within for emergency vehicles and trash pickup. Including a utility service which is located under the road platform for faster maintenance and lower cost of operation. Life within The Diamond Village will be as normal as you could imagine, with the exception that you will be living with the water instead of in fear of the water.

    Investing in The Diamond Village would be a choice for investors and developers for those looking for new ways to increase profits in real estate .Sustainable buildings will attract tenants and buyers because of the lower cost by using renewable clean energy while maximizing “green value.” These environmentally friendly properties increase in value and savings , also less money will be lost in maintenance.

    Businesses will run much more efficiently and productively, which will in turn increase profits. There will be a greater demand to change from inefficient old ways to the new sustainable way of living.

    This type of sustainable architecture not only will help save lives , but it is a project that would be for generations to come, by meeting the criteria of ecology, economy, politics and culture.

    For more information and lectures regarding this innovative urban architectural design please contact Juan Castanos at: juancastanos01@gmail.com or www.juancastanos.org

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