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    Some Strategies for Better Managing A Major Hotel Chain Like The Dorchester Collection

    Whether you're managing a huge hotel empire like The Dorchester Collection, or you're just a general manager in one struggling hotel in a small town, following the right strategies for maximizing your location's potential is important. There are some very obvious strategies, and some that you may not be aware of. But how you manage a hotel's reputation is remarkably important to the overall reception that hotel will have with the public.
    A few important factors to consider when building a hotel chain's reputation:
    1. Maintain a social networking presence, but don't go crazy.
    So you've probably been pressured to create social networking profiles of all different types, in an effort to get the hotel out there to the people. However, that's only a good idea if you have the resources to manage them all. Don't get a Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, etc if you don't have time to interact with users on all of those platforms. Stick to one or two, if you find yourself somewhat limited. But a Facebook page is a must.
    2. Be willing to be transparent
    This really ties into no. 1, but is extremely important if you want to maintain an positive online presence. In the information age, if anything bad comes out about your hotel, it's going to be out there for everybody to see. So just be honest, and be willing to work with people. If someone has a negative experience, be extremely candid with them while working to resolve their issue.
    3. Don't be disheartened by negative reviews.
    This is vital, because you need to realize the truth about negative feedback; it's the most beautiful thing on the planet, when it comes to business. All the positive feedback in the world doesn't make for a successful business. If you're only hearing positive things back, then you don't know what's wrong with the business.
    And trust me, no matter how successful your business may be, there are always problems. Cracks that need to be paved over, to fix the services that you offer overall. Heeding the negative feedback, and welcoming all criticism is vital for this. That's how you learn, better your establishment, and attract a much larger customer base.
    4. Don't use templates when communicating with customers online.
    Most people can sniff right through a generic response, and it makes the company look bad on the whole. No, if you want to make an impact, then you need to formulate good responses, that are personalized for the individual and circumstance.

    Of course, these are really just tips to get you started, but truly being a good hotel manager takes time. Not everybody starts out really successfully, and not every major chain is maximizing their full potential.
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