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    Pint-size entrepreneurs

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    ebay helps the little sellers NOT!

    Ebay’s new and improved system, but for who?

    Webmasters create a program: (nasty little guys and gals)
    1. Program opens the door to giant businesses to join ebay.
    2. Gives them the run of the show
    3. Provides them with best advertising “TO” their store (of course because they can afford it and they have the most expensive product, which attracts big pocket customers).
    4. Web “misers” give the new “global community” a way to master and take over.
    5. Smaller, individually owned stores look like a bleep in the universe and can barely be seen, redirected there, or be advertised.
    6. In addition, the webmasters set the program up, where these giants can cheat till hell freezes over. They can just come into your store, without asking, and advertise “their store items” in so called “collections” in big bold pictures, right under your listing in “your store”! Wow, that takes guts and total disregard for that person’s store!
    7. ALSO, WITHOUT PAYING YOU A CENT. Advertising on ebay from other companies use to cost them money. You know, the ones that are always there. It’s ok, they pay for it. And really, are not intrusive.
    8. BUT now, they don’t have to ask or pay, they just “DO”.
    9. Now, let’s say you would like to opt out of this free intrusion. IMPOSSIBLE. It’s set in stone. In addition, if you are even remotely successful at getting rid of that, or part of it, you are punished by becoming invisible to the public.
    I’ve been buying on ebay for 3 years, and selling for 2 years. I have slowly, with a lot of hard work gained customers and grown to best seller status. Whooopeeee dooo! It means nothing. It only means that any customer can leave a bad feedback because they were in a bad mood or just unreasonable, unfounded complaint, or just plain nutty and you can get your store suspended before trial, or investigation. Just like that. They will take the word of the customer first, instead of the seller who might have been there for as long as 15 years, who should be treated with a little more benefit of the doubt. Ask the seller for an explanation first? Honestly? Is there no more humanity left?
    I think that the internet has grown so much, that it’s frying people’s brains, looking at humans merely as numbers, dollars, members, followers etc. Not someone who is a living being trying to make a living every day.
    So, a seller leaves ebay, whoopee, who cares, we got better ones! Pretty much, that is the attitude growing each day among business community such as ebay.
    I will bet 99% of the management has never been a seller for an extended amount of time in anything. However, they love to tell us sellers, who’ve been selling and buying for years, what’s good for us.
    They’re twisting the words to convince you that the change is for your benefit, but what they really mean is “we’re making this change because it’s good for EBAY, NOT YOU”. We’re not improving anything to help you, only to help us. That’s the silence between the lines you don’t hear.
    Now, honestly, anyone has a right to join ebay, big or small, but why kill us? We came to ebay to provide for ourselves and our family, we’re not making millions a year, why punish us for that?
    I’m soo soo tired. My selling has been pretty steady and growing. However, since a few weeks, when this new change started, I have sold maybe 3 items. I know what the management will tell me. Well, you know there’s down times in sales, etc…..as if I was an idiot and didn’t know that. The two empty weeks, with no existence of any customers showing up, is not one of those “down times in sales”.
    I don’t know what to do? Anyone can help, suggest, just put me out of my misery? Anyone?
    This is one of the listings under mine. I do not own this item nor am I selling it. In fact, I wouldn’t buy it for 99cents let alone that price.
    US $1,050.00
    Seller: art4fineliving
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    In addition guess who is joining in this global expansion? Goodwill. I thought their motto was to create jobs, not take free donated items and sell them on ebay.

    If people don't get tired of being used and thrown away like trash, and do something about it, they will take it all. Let me just say, Mr. Donahoe's life is not more worthy than mine. If I was in his place, I would do everything possible to help the ones that are struggling not the ones that are already million dollar corporations. This is turning into a vicious mean spirited world.
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