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    Posted May 20, 2014 by
    Cherrypoint, North Carolina

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    Where are you all

    Check this out look at how easily the marine turn their back on one of their own over a lie. Them they think its ok to tell the whole entire military the he was raping all of their women them they all want to cry when charges are being pursuit against them. The funniest thing of all this back in 2007 sgtmaj powers was one of the marines who Brillene M Bowser to lie and to lie yo everyone. But in their own little insanity they think they all deserved respect from just one marine and only one marine has to fear and he has to be fearful of a bunch of retarded marines which their opinion doesn't even matter In his personal the marine corps has no saying at all with his personal belongings they have no saying at all. But here the marine corps trying to remind cpl salgado lebron of a crime he didn't committed and saying he did all of those and all of those broken butt holes but yet the marines corps doesn't want to challenge.

    But yet you have a bunch of retarded marines saying all this is going to make him more he's going to forgive Brillene M Bowser and he is going to be friends with her. Why would this take a chance like after Brillene M Bowser put a false rape accusation against him and them they all to stalked him harrass provoke him and chase him everywhere. But yet somehow cpl salgado Lebron is in the wrong because he wants nothing to do with her or any of their female marines. But yet here have the Marine corps let's blame Cpl Salgado Lebron because he does not want to be with a female marine. But here the Marine corps and the federal agents let's retaliate because he does not want to be what we wants. Let's destroy his family and his with a bull shit lie and lie to every law enforcement agencies we can find and let's make he cannot fight or defend himself. Let's deny everything to Cpl Salgado Lebron let's force to suffer with let's make sure he looses everything and everyone because he does not want to be with a female marine. Lets give him 60 years no let's give him 17 years no let's 358 years in a prison for defending himself against a woman who lied about a bunch things he never did to her.

    Let's betray cpl salgado Lebron because he will not let a woman who he wants nothing to do with control his. Let please a bunch corrupted law enforcement officials and a bunch crazy women because doesn't to be with a female marine let destroy his because he does not want to reason with a woman who is lying about him. Let's take his child away from him because he doesn't want to reason with a bunch of crazy women that are lying.

    To me ladies and gentlemen this are nothing but excuses to destroy one marine for the he'll of it but what they do when he is trying to reason and make amends. Let's tell the police department he is harrassing all of us. Them they all want to wonder why cpl salgado Lebron told them to take their career and put it where the sun don't shine. Do you all realize that it did not matter what cpl salgado Lebron was doing or where he was they all still accused that marine of rape over and over even if he was 45 minutes away he was still getting accused he could be standing still and they still accused him of rape to save their pedophiles and rapist and their women faking a rape they move heaven and earth. Here you have a bunch of retarded investigators questioning why cpl salgado Lebron became a marine.

    Let me see why he became a Marine to serve his country to go to war to go to college to serve the United states of America But for some reason they these retarded investigators think something else. Or maybe they just wanted to use to have better rights to a bunch of crazy women. The that I laugh about the most is these women called and invisible war when is nothing but them having anal sex and faking rapes. But they all want to be treated and especial and they want better right's. Cpl Salgado Lebron did not become a marine to do something for women especially women abusing rights for rape victims. But they want to be able to whatever they feel like with cpl salgado Lebron and however they feel like. But for some reason they all made up a bunch of lies about him legally and they made the information top secret now why would the marine do this. Let they did want him to know all the bull shit charges the Marine corps put on him so they can keep monitoring everything he did. But they to be so sure about a bunch rapes where are they and why are hiding them and why did you all wanted to stop his career. Did you all he needed to realize a bunch bull shit he never committed or did the Marine corps just wanted to save their pedophiles and rapist.

    But the Marine corps wants to have cpl salgado Lebron accused of a bunch rapes and broken butt holes where are they where's all this and why does the marine corps keeps on hiding it. But yet here is the marine corps he doesn't need a vehicle he has a pfc to drive him around he doesn't need a ps3 he has a pfc to entertain himself with. Them people want to talk about an invisible war and I do understand but the fact of all of this the thing that is actually hurting us service women is actually their own. Especially when their female counterparts decide the best way to resolve a break up is to make a false accusation against a male just over a break up. This is the actual reason why females in the us military do not get the help they need when they all needed because the command doesn't have a clue of whether she is doing out of spite for that person or if she just wants to play around. Cpl salgado Lebron has been through this over and over again and accusation after accusations no one has said a dam thing about anything to him but the accusations kept on raining against over and over and over and no matter wha he was doing no matter where he was he kept getting accused. This marine could have been standing in the freaking middle of the desert with nothing around his and nobody around him and the marine corps will still accused his of some crazy outlandish crap no matter what.

    Them the marine corps expected cpl salgado LeBron to just put his life in their hands and trust all of them and they want to keep investigating and investigating until this marine tells them why he committed a crime he never committed. But the fact of the matter is this investigator do not have the stone to sit in front of this marine and show him all the the bull crap they put on him and they will never have the stones to do so they are to afraid and now they are looking for a back door a way to get him and a way to destroy him. Now where are you all hiding in the military CPl salgado LeBron is not hiding from nobody and running from nobody. Them they want to tell everyone he know he really is let go to the courtroom let see if cpl salgado LeBron is the one responsible for all of this things which the marine corps accused him of. What are all of this retarded federal agents waiting for him to be calm you all started this not cpl salgado LeBron Where all of this bull shit Marine corps. And this is Why the Marine corps is the especial Needs military branch all Marine should be issue a hadycap sticker from bootcamp

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