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    The other face of deception

    On July 3, 2013 announced the Egyptian Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Sisi across television screens and Arab media , surrounded by symbols of religion and politics Egyptians about the bias of the armed forces to the will of the Egyptian people in the end the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood , who is the election is not free and forged as a result of an agreement between the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the Muslim Brotherhood at the expense of the revolution The popularity of the poor and marginalized in Egypt . Did not succeed many people around the world in the interpretation of that image , which is keen to appear by Abdel Fattah Sisi Egyptian Defense Minister although it was clear he wanted to say to the world , "It is not a military coup Every national forces supports me ," but the real explanation for it appearing that the image should have been :
    1 - This is a military coup blanket by political forces that compelled him .
    2 - that the man himself is marketed abroad, and needs the support of the world outside and to succeed but what was keen to appear in this way .
    On July 23, 2013 at the graduation ceremony of the Military Academy gave Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Sisi speech appealed Sisi the Egyptian people take to the streets next Friday ; even give him a mandate and ordered that the faces " of terrorism and violence is likely to occur ," a new expression on everyone who works in the security and intelligence services in world Will heard one before about the so-called " terrorism likely " or that " terrorist threats " when we talk about terrorist threats must be prove it and enumerate guidelines and signals in a clear statement as it happens in all countries of the world , then spoke , stressing that the people he delegated the army and police to confront terrorism , and did not turn one in the whole world to what PhDr. Mustafa Hijazi , strategic adviser to the president Said, if ( ( the state does not need a new mandate from the people to perform its duty to its citizens . ) ) nor to what he Amr Moussa Said , the former presidential candidate , criticized the claim Sisi disembark to all fields of Egypt , saying : ( ( I see that the authorization requested by the commander in Chief of the armed forces in his speech should come mainly from the Council of Ministers , would be better if it was a society headed by the head of state , and that is followed by a demand of the people to express their support ) ) or condoned about the world and the United States and the West , believing that things will not be more than merely a simple internal conflict ... because of this silence humanitarian Salt lot of blood were thrown Thousands of opponents in prisons and detention centers .
    Despite assurances Fattah Sisi defense minister not his intention for running for president , but the work was carried out in full swing through the leaders and former members of the National Democratic Party , which previously dissolved by the Egyptian judiciary was not submitted by an individual one of them to trial on charges of corruption , despite the corruption rampant , which warns of dire consequences in the near future , which did not succeed West in reading read and clear over the two revolutions their demands one revolution 18 and January 19, 1977 and revolution January 25, 2011 , despite the long years which separated from each other ... the problem is the fact that do not touch the citizen's average Western now that the state of hostility may grow at any moment towards the West and out of control both on the part of the systems supported by the west or west or west side of the same threats shall be greater than expected and its direction can not be calculated in any way .
    The other thing that omissions West that the Arab media directed by dictators and Arab regimes authoritarian fascist accuse the West and the United States in a tone and a clear will not be forgotten by the Arab mind easily that the West and the United States are those who threaten the stability of these countries and with the outbreak of ignorance of the internal state of mind subcontractors will be hostile to the West and the United States , however not a Western country and one objection official toward those false accusations , even worse, they will pay taxpayers' money Westerners and Americans in the form of loans and grants to those systems for the interests of not has to citizen western or American any direct link , but on the contrary Western citizen hurt so much.
    Have any of you watched the morning program , which provided By Amani ElKhayat every morning on Ontv Channal , which hurling accusations of the United States and the West of interfering in Egypt's affairs ? Have you been placed on the lists to prevent the entry of your countries ? Did you watch one of Tv program, which provided the Egyptian Lamis ElHadedy on cbc channel which falsifies the facts and accused the West and the United States of conspiring against the state , Egyptian, Arab , even though it went to the United States to give birth to get U.S. citizenship was not being dropped so far as punishment for her to juggle the Arab consciousness and creating a state of hostility to the United States and the West? Have you ever watched any of you channel Alfraeen ( Lafraain ) and Lisent to Tawfiq Okasha or Hayat ElDardery , falsified papers and documents show that the U.S. and the West are behind a major plot on the Arab countries in general and the Egyptian state in particular?
    Have you ever been warned Egypt in this regard or prevent foreign minister visits from Western countries or the United States a penalty in what they were charging for the awareness of Arab against the West and the United States to allow the creation and transformation of Arab citizens to bomb ticking toward everything U.S. and western and threatens the national security of the citizen and Western U.S. on Remote -level threat to the interests of those countries in the near term , although the long -term after time?
    I've had writer Dr. Alaa Al Aswany one pro- Egyptian Defense Minister but continues in the accuracy of his recent articles will elicit a lot of undo this support is an indicator of the street Egyptian and Arab Boil will succeed former defense minister and the next president Abdel Fattah Sisi in that Astasalh all means of violence and repression that has been used before , and with us in the revolution or uprising 18 and January 19, 1977 , then the revolution of January 25, 2011 a strategic deep familiarize who understands and learns the facts and extrapolates .
    Perhaps in a recent article by Dr. Alaa Al Aswany many answers to many questions have been asked before, but because of what is used by former Defense Minister Abdel Fattah Sisi and exploited the ignorance and shallowness of the culture of the people is not recognized in his time and the time.
    Not too late to rectify the mistakes of the past and the industry 's future is stable already for the West and the United States of fruitful cooperation with both, the positions of the people are governing in the end, no matter how long time ... Vahdhiroa the anger of the people of unbroken of Systems are supported night and day , secretly and openly, from Western governments and the United States , and it will not cost a lot positions declared a coherent , long-term and short and procedures pressure firm order administrated justice under international pressure from all international organizations and countries concerned to fight terrorism on its territory ,these regim's will success create you a new generation of haters and haters and terrorists.

    Facility in order to be translated link an article by Dr. Alaa Al Aswany

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