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    Posted May 21, 2014 by

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    Beelzelbub Thesis


    Dear Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama: I know what you mean, to be stifled by that "small republican minority group."  It's the jealous "old boy's network" that claim we cast out demons in the name of Beelzebub, although you desperately want jobs for thee American people or I accept for America the Beautiful first... to accept the challenge to build the Kingdom of God on Earth... we are swept aside in mans competition to usurp the Presidency or a young lad they once called "two strong boy" aka: "the genius of god."  We live with a fervent spirit to succumb the chaotic forces that once even attempted to thwart the will of God through Christ, Jesus.  They don't comprehend the serious nature of seeing our brothers and sisters gullets full and a roof over the poor mans household.  Don't worry sir... I have meditated on the verse in the Bible: "killing people, thinking we're doing God a favor."  We are not killing people in terrorism, we are  saving  people in doing God a favor.  Even as it mourned Abraham Lincoln, so we also decry thee harmony of Man.  Some people keep us down, like the black man, or the "trash."  Then we need to recollect our thoughts and return to the battle-front with new thoughts of reason, that we are rejected of Man once again.  We can only create so many fronts, the plan, the contingency plan, and the diversion.  On each mission we try to carry-out and raise up the poor in general (isn't general a caste system in the elementary school system?  It is... and we are "dumbed-down") to be raised as failures of minimum wage employment or grunt work, why many a youth choose to be a soldier... true sacrificial people for God and Country.  I think we as intelligent people, should give fringe benefits to the armed service veterans first, then the black and poor and lame.  My Dad used to call it the: Me, Me, Me, Society and so selfishly it stills goes on.  I love the saying: "Ask not for what your Country can do for you... but ask what you can do for your Country."  We need to get back to this "bucket brigade" and rebuild our soldiers first... this will create esteem in our veterans and offer you protection in their allegiance not to be insubordinates.  I think the best gold mine for this, is to tax the shit out of pornography, if it's freedom of speech and freedom of the press, so be it... but let's garner in a hefty profit as "We The People" for deviant destructive behavior.  More than smokes or brews, we should make it unaffordable... they'll still have their freedom, but actually we should hang our heads in shame, for the exploitation of women and access by today's youth to chose "cyber-sex" over wholesome relationships.  Use the "No White Shoes" fund to enhance the riches and glory of: Land that we Love.  Propose a Bill today to end un-natural acts in pornography.  "If you see someone naked, clothe them."  With dignity!  Amen Dreams for Global Imperialism.... Brought To You by: UFO-RIDER Signed: David M. Pedjoe email:  ufo-rider@outlook.com , Tel: 1-774-243-6573 Skype: perkaunas http://www.electrogarden.com/music/egn/Not-Available/ , https://www.flickr.com/photos/pedjpaid/ , #

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