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    Posted May 21, 2014 by

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    Drunk Driving


    Drunk Driving laws have been for the most part a success.  Yet both alcohol and tobacco are thee number one commodities in America, at least that was the Suffragette suspect of The Great Depression.  Not only were we not allowed to indulge (while women smoked) but the breweries and the wineries and distilleries were shut-down for export.  Hence: The Great Depression.  Do we blame women for this... I'd rather doubt it.  With adultery and VD on the rise and men staying out and coming home abusive.  I do much like the New York of altering the drinking age, yet youth could turn to the drug culture... so if we ever decide to remove products from the commodities market, as such: tobacco and alcohol.  We must remember that we need something more positive to replace it with.  Computers and Cell Phones come to mind, but texting is more dangerous than drunkenness.  MADD is not to blame for this mishap culture class... they stated once, and I quote: "we don't care how much you drink at home... just as long as you don't drive."  But parents aren't allowing the young adult to celebrate the adult ceremony, so they travel some where to sneak it and end up intoxicated on the road.  This restriction for at home ceremonials or passage in adulthood; like many a parent lavished and now refuse is absurd, because the celebration of once cultural life is made obsolete.  This is where I stand on this: not by decree, but by license... if todays young adults are refused the right of passage, then parents should be responsible for "sneak-a-drink city" as if they left a loaded gun in the home, by refusing their offspring what was bonding camaraderie was reinforced by house parties of their elders.  We wanted a turn, and like hypocrites we deny the same controlled luxury.  So is the young adult now guilty of drunk driving?  Or are the selfish elders loading a gun?  It's just a question, but you can see the negative fruit thereof - I say, I say.  Now we exacerbate and antagonize the spiral unfolding of problem drinking.  The young dwindle and the figure-heads get more exuberant in the plight they cause they cause their children to suffer.  The answer lies in the heads of households practicing what they preach or they contribute erratic confusion amongst the young adults.  That is illegal.  So it comes down to this; Jesus: reminds us - "to be of sober mind."  Although we still need to replace the antiquated commodities with new and positive global positioning.  Also meaning not thinning the herd from three car family gridlock to hurry greedily through roadways as fertile youth diminish in prison cells with a scarlet letter of disgrace.   In Loving Memory of Karen Elizabeth Dudley.  Struck down by a drunken driver 02/06/1984  Lest I labor in vain. Dreams for Global Imperialism.... Brought To You by: UFO-RIDER Signed: David M. Pedjoe            

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