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    Posted May 22, 2014 by

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    Competition Awareness


    Dear Mr. President Barack H. Obama: America or certain Americans, have a very competitive spirit and renounce then argue over Christ and hide their pharisical dogma in "stirring-up competition one with thee other" as they use that misguided condemnation by Israel that imprisons persons for quoting the (goyan aka: pagan) New Testament scripture.  They don't surmount this with Confucius and reading his Analects and you will be  honored  in China.  That these phoney Christians call a religion, although it is just a philosophy of Eastern wisdom.  Life for many in America, is in sabotaging the thought processes of the poor, through years of training in psychology in today's Colleges... as unto a black-belt in Karate.  You yourself note this in that "small republican minority group."  We are being undermined like pawns through the wicked spirit of competition: Christ says: "stirring up competition, one with thee other," as Confucius say: "No Compete."  Sir: we should be building up one with thee other.  Jesus asks us to pray for people in authority and one St. Francis claims: "Will you do more than pray?  Will you be an answer."  Let us accept the challenge to build the Kingdom of God on Earth.  Have a blessed day my friend!  I will carry on for your dynamic legacy to be a success.  Be of good cheer.  Thwart the saboteurs.  Amen Dreams for Global Imperialism.... Brought To You by: UFO-RIDER Signed: David M. Pedjoe

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