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    Posted May 22, 2014 by
    District of Columbia
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    Going public with mental illness

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    Millions upon millions of adults have autism and, or any of the variety of disorders within the spectrum, except the truth is the spectrum covers every behavioral disorder known to man.

    Autism is a collection of every possible behavioral disorder, or mental health issue, problem, disorder that you can imagine. It's everything that could be bad in one big batch of nothing but confusion.

    The the fact is that there are millions of adults that have these problems, this OCD, that hoarding problem, the neuropsycho "omg what were you thinking" is all a part of the spectrum.

    Anybody who was institutionalized back in the 40s, 50s, 60s most likely had some sort of disorder that was misunderstood by some up and coming medical professional, sadly the misdiagnoses continued throughout our time and has come to a head in what you see on the news today.

    The truth is that everybody has had some sort of issue, or problem and the sad part is that most of the symptoms, or signs have been overlooked for so long that nobody really knows when something is right, or wrong.

    Is it so difficult to grasp the concept that someone like Jared Lee Loughner, or James Holmes, or the Eric Harris's and the Dylan Klebolds of the world were made, created, enabled to act out in the way's they chose because of what products like 5 Hour Energy, Mountain Dew and Any brand of Mayonnaise did to their brain/mental state.

    The reality is that most of the population of this country is suffering from some sort of problem that can be linked to what the toxic chemical additives does to EVERYONE!

    People die every day at the hands of someone who is suffering unknowingly at the hands of the corporations and what the toxic additives are doing to again everyone!


    Texas officer who fatally shot 93-year-old woman is fired

    This is the kind of thing that happens because nobody is aware of what is happening to them. There are no explanations as to what really happened in that incident.

    This is just one example, but there are stories like this in every newspaper across the whole country. The reality that every one is susceptible to the instantaneous inability to think in a calm rational manner, the inability to maintain their own "calm" ability to deal with a situation that could possible require deadly force.

    The people in these situations have no idea, or even the tiniest of clues indicating that they are in no condition to be handling a firearm.

    The gun laws in Georgia are scarier than anything else now because of this little undiscovered undisclosed unremarkable problem that nobody knows about.

    Psychiatrists are still treating these people with drugs and some with the insanity of electroshock therapy.

    People don't need drugs, people don't need pharmaceuticals, people don't need therapy.

    People need honest doctors and medical/mental health professionals that are responsible and who will do the right thing. Can you believe that even your doctor and your psychiatrist are as adversely effected by the chemicals as you are?

    It's true because absolutely no one is immune. Not even the President is able to avoid this stuff.

    Isn't chemistry and knowledge of such things like formaldehyde required for becoming a doctor? And so if they have this knowledge how can they sit by and say they don't know what causes things like Lupus, or Fibromyalgia?


    The above statement is 100% accurate and true.
    But somebody will argue that I am wrong.
    But I know better.

    There's one way to prove that I am right....

    Ban the use of all artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from all foods, beverages, drugs/pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toiletries and even from our clothing. When it's all gone what will happen to all of the illnesses, disorders, sickness and everything else?

    It should all disappear.

    And since the FDA, Government, doctors, corporations wont listen, or do anything about it because it is too profitable than it is up to each and everyone of us to make the right choices.

    What do they all deserve? To pay for all the health care for the entire nation for starters. To pay for all the deaths caused by their ignorance.

    They're paid to protect us and then they're paid to let the corporations get away with what amounts to the wholesale genocide of the American people.

    And the ironic part is that many of these corporations are not owned by Americans. Poisoning America. Unilever is a multinational Dutch/British international corporation responsible for the distribution of every brand of toxic margarine in the entire world. They make the DOVE soap that has EDTA in it. They make I can't believe it's not butter, country crock and a whole bunch of other products that contain the deadly toxins.

    The school shootings in Finland, Germany and the U.S. are all related and Unilever is the one thing that links them all together. What does this corporation deserve for everything that have done to everyone in every country where they are allowed to sell their death.

    Can you imagine that every case of SIDS was caused by something like Margarine. That was approved by the FDA because they tasted it and it was yummy? Or because they know chemistry and know that the formaldehyde and cyanide in EDTA is safe for every one?

    Why does a corporation and I again want to remind you that.... "corporations are people" think they should not be held accountable for being party to the death of every child who died of SIDS, or every cancer death caused by petroleum based coal tar dyes? ALL the dyes cause cancer, they are made from petroleum based coal tar, that's pretty much the same stuff that we all say being spewed into the Gulf Of Mexico when BP allowed that spill to occur.

    When you go out to get into your car.... look down, at the parking lot, see that black stuff holding those stones together to make that road/tarmac/parking lot etc. That is petroleum based coal tar.

    If people want to live a long healthy life and with the possibility of finding happiness instead of death and misery.... why don't you say something about this to someone? Write your Senator, Congressman, or woman and show them this story and all the information that's out there available to everyone. Show them that they are allowing this to happen to themselves, to their families, to the children and grand children.....

    That they are party to killing every man, woman and child in America!

    This issue is hidden away, but it is the root cause and the basis for most of the health issues in America and also the rest of the world.

    Why do they ban this stuff from use in other countries where they supposedly have a not so great place to live, I mean it's not better than the United States of America, is it?

    Aren't we the greatest country in the whole world, or not?

    This is NOT the America I want.

    And my stories never get put onto the broadcast news because this isn't an issue that anyone but me, myself and I feels is important.

    My God... what's wrong with me?
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