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    Posted May 22, 2014 by

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    United States Marine Held Hostage in Mexico

    Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi took a wrong turn at night at a poorly marked street that takes you into Mexico. When he stopped at the checkpoint he notified the Mexican border guards that he took a wrong turn and just needed to turn around. He freely told them that he was carrying guns.

    The Mexican police arrested him, lied about the circumstances, and put him in one of the most notorious jails in Mexico where he sits chained to his bed awaiting trial.

    Secretary of State John Kerry was recently in Mexico and did nothing to secure the release of this soldier and American citizen. President Obama and the WH have said nothing about this young man’s situation.

    Obama has been known to weigh in on issues related to a single American citizen, e.g., Trayvon Martin. So why doesn’t he move on this problem and take care of it?

    While the Department of State at low levels may have made a phone call or two, following diplomatic channels (maybe), we have an American soldier held hostage by one of the most corrupt governments on planet Earth.

    One of the marks of a great nation is that protects its citizens. What is our government for but to protect each of us from the perils of the world? Rome for example had a code. That code was that where ever a Roman citizen was, he was Rome; and the empire of Rome would come to his aid.

    America suffers an assault everyday by lawbreaking illegal immigrants crossing into our nation. The illegal immigrant drug network alone is crippling our nation, killing our citizens and draining our public funds resources. And yet we do not have the stones to go get this young man.

    The conversation should be simple with the Mexican authorities. “Give him up now, or we will come get him without your permission or assistance.”

    We need to make it clear to Mexico that they should be extremely careful in their handling of American citizens. Mexico lives under the U.S. umbrella of protection.

    But, none of this will happen, because we don’t have a real leader in Washington and our politicians are only concerned with how they can attach themselves to the next pork bill to line their personal pockets and get reelected.

    America is in a sad state. Our government has no purpose. No reason for existence. It does not protect the borders. It does not take care of or protect its citizens from invasion. It does not protect its citizens abroad. It has become this living organism that reacts to money and political winds that only has a genetic predisposition to grow, consume and survive.
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