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    Beverly Hills, California

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    Hoorah ! AT LAST...a British home secretary who tells it like it is about those LOUSY British cops !


    .British home secretary Theresa May's attack on the way ordinary police officers treated the public.

    Mrs May had accused PCs of treating the public with 'contempt' and threatened to overhaul the way they ran themselves if they did not sort themselves out.
    The British press/media which is owned by mega wealthy conservatives has long neglected vital investigative and constructive criticisms of the disgusting state of the British police and especially the much lauded Scotland Yard which has been besieged with scandals and corruption at the highest levels in recent years !
    Let's face it folks......Britain's cops don't give a hoot about the average, ordinary citizen.......it's just a job with sought after to the coppers and this is WHY crime,especially violent crime is RAMPANT in the uk !
    If the government,elected officials and British media and chief constables got off their lazy butts and did their job properly......then crime in Britain would rapidly decline !
    The whole system needs t be completely revamped and brought under strict central control with NO NONSENSE bosses !
    There should be ONE law for everyone regardless of social or economic status...
    then Britain would be a true democracy and great country again !


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