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    Posted May 22, 2014 by
    Norfolk, Virginia
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    Veterans Are Not the Only Victims of Lack of Medical Treatment

    Veterans are not the only people associated with the military that is confronted with poor or lack of timely medical treatment. Active duty members are also suffering from poor unmanaged performance from military hospitals and care centers today.

    There is a military member who is currently on active duty (name not disclosed to avoid retaliation) who has been on limited duty from an injury that was experienced while exercising to stay in shape and fit for duty. This person has been waiting for nearly a year just to get the medical treatment needed to allow this person to return to full duty. This episode is creating a situation that fosters discrimination and mistreatment by name-calling and assignments that holds no value to the taxpayers or to this person's professional and military growth.

    As a result this active duty member is now in fear of being discharged when the time comes to re-enlist because this person is not able to perform the full duties of the job and participate in physical fitness training this person was trying to stay fit for when the injury occurred. This will result in an unfavorable performance evaluation that will justify a discharge from active duty; something the military member does not want to happen.

    The active duty member is a victim to what civilian companies call discrimination by being called names by the senior enlisted personnel and being assigned to meaningless duties like sitting around doing nothing all day or cleaning the same room over and over again each day for 8 hours.

    An investigation into all military hospitals needs to be conducted to find answers to two key questions: How many injuries are reported to the military hospital/care centers and how along before the injuries are fully resolved.

    At the end of the day, military personnel are being mistreated, discriminated against, and ignored by their own leadership while serving our country. What we are all seeing now with the VA issue has been in existence for years and stems from the active duty side. The question comes to mind and that is can we all find a correlation between the incidents with shootings on the military bases, suicide incidents, divorces, family separations in the military, and domestic violence with the lack of timely medical treatment?

    The best place to start the investigation would be the Portsmouth Naval Hospital followed by each individual base where military personnel on limited duty are assigned. I am certain the facts to my story will appear and I pray will lead to a mass investigation that I hope will lead to resolutions to not only the person I am aware of but to many others currently suffering from untreated injuries and the additional mistreatment from their leadership. Additionally, all personnel who are responsible for not performing their duties with regards to caring for the troops and treating unfairly are held accountable by disciplinary actions leading to dishonorable discharge. Their unprofessional acts are truly dishonorable.

    Something needs to be done NOW!

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