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    Posted May 23, 2014 by

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    U.S. Education Reform Initiative


    I recently had an opportunity to attend a regional meeting with a noted foundation. The purpose of this conference and my attendance was to address a terrible tragedy that has befallen our Democratic/Liberal fellow citizens.


    That tragedy is the general substandard education, lower intelligence and comprehension levels of students in districts that are more than 80% Democratic politically leaning. It is an epidemic our nation has not been able to overcome for many decades.


    The swath of Phd speakers and recognized experts expounded on the vast efforts and national treasure advanced toward the education of children in liberal democratic leaning school districts. Examples of funding imbalances were shown to demonstrate that most urban and democratically leaning school districts were funded at twice and sometimes three times the normal dollar amount per student than more conservative leaning school districts. Studies shown at the conference demonstrated time and again that these efforts are not paying off.


    There was great concern by the participants and almost a sense of hopelessness at times during the conference as to the enormous challenge of educating children of parents with a lower IQ and lack of parenting skills. Parental training programs were proposed, reeducation schools were discussed. Diet and environment were discussed. But in the end, the conclusion was drawn that the amount of funds spent on children of the more left leaning school districts is not correlated to school performance or IQ.


    After hearing from several genetic research scientists, it became clear that behavioral patterns, social functioning, and intelligence are highly determined by genetics. And short of genetically re-engineering people, we must begin to accept that there are some factors in nature that cannot be overcome with money and programs.


    Another discussion ensued on the panel regarding possible solutions. One key idea was expanding upon the common core system’s mandate to functionally impair education in higher performing conservative leaning school districts to reduce the level of education of these children in hopes of equalizing the playing field. It was thought that not much could be done to reduce the IQ of students in these conservative leaning school districts, but that deprivation of education through common core could potentially lead to the same outcome. This will need to be studied in more depth as the common core system begins to take effect, but the experts agreed that common core would definitely impair the education of more intelligent children in the conservative leaning school districts. If successful, students of the conservative leaning school districts ‘should’ see a significant drop in student testing scores. Still other experts on the panel discounted common core given that parents in these conservative leaning school districts are highly proactive in their children’s education and would likely offset any shortfalls caused by common core.


    One panelist suggested that we enact legislation either on the state or federal level that makes it illegal for parents to ‘educate’ their children. The thought being that this could be the ‘magic bullet’ of true balance and equality of outcome we all seek, given that parents of students in Democratic Liberal leaning school districts rarely if ever are involved in their children’s education


    The foundation remains committed to the issue of supporting efforts to increase the education and level of intelligence in these school districts identified at Democratic leaning. The board resolved to redouble its efforts in hopes of finding a solution.


    Here is to hoping for the best.





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