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    Posted May 24, 2014 by
    Taipei, Taiwan

    Facing vicious claws and jaws – Taiwan’s blessing or bane?


    “The ultimate plan for China is to set an example for the rest of their provinces by fixing up Taiwan, to show that democracy has no place in the world of Chinese people. You are the last line of hope! For what little is left in the provinces of China,” the 62-year-old professor Yuan Hong-Bing said emphatically. The crowd was hit by a sickening silence, but the panic remained withheld. Since May 13, 2012, members of the Gong-Yi Association have been working with their brains over brawn, so that a better tomorrow can be achieved for their island nation. Yuan’s knowledge of the Communist party as a former member made him believe that this was an act to force Taiwan to sign the so-called peace treaty with China on a military level. It will eventually bring about peaceful invasion of military, economical, and social aspects for their unification plan.

    On the afternoon of May 18th, 2014, Professor Yuan Hong-Bing (袁紅冰), a former Communist and current freedom activist under Australian political refugee law protection, spoke before the delegation of the Gong-Yi Association (direct translation: Justice Association). A few days ago, he just launched his book signing event on his new book titled “The Taiwan Book of Living and Dying” (台灣生死書:自己的國家自己救), which according to internet conversations and rumors, has been controversial.

    Before a group of elderly men and women, Professor Yuan talked about his views regarding the recent Vietnam violent protests. He believed that the momentum came from China, who may have hired Cambodians to lead the protest and the violence that ensued. He pointed out that not one of the Chinese plants was destroyed. The majority of the incidents involved Taiwanese local plants.

    A member of the congregation asked, “What can Taiwan do at the moment?” Yuan replied, “Taiwan’s political figures have forgotten to take China’s current string of actions seriously. Frank Hsieh’s statements at this point in time indicate personal motive over party and national benefits. Political loyalty should be in terms of national benefits as the minimum requirement, not for party or for pure personal motive.”

    China’s attempts to take over the reign of Southeast Asian’s unwritten jurisdiction are a direct challenge to the US and other Western powers on their attention to the region. I asked Yuan if the Western powers have been doing anything in response to the recent attacks, to which the professor smiled and replied, “Several locations in southeast Asia are now opening pathways in lieu of certain precautions, which are confidential to the general public.”

    Yuan then proceeded on to the topic of US and socialism. He believes that President Obama endorses socialism as his central dogma of his policies and decisions, thus explaining for his actions in Asia. “The decay of American politics as we know it in current global situations is a very odd scenario. This is caused by economic trends within the States, as the pursuit for consumer satisfaction continues to grow.”

    “Homogeneous cities and building designs are rampant. Same buildings, same banks, same fast food chains, same airport designs… all indicate the loss of personal characteristics and style. The Western world is going into internal degeneration not because of its lack of attention to other global events, but rather, its craze for material needs.

    Westerners need to let democracy get back to the realms of individuality as a balance to their current situation.” Yuan ended his speech with a question, “So the philosophical question of the day for us, is this: how to prevent the destruction of human beings? I am not too optimistic about it.” Indeed, a food for thought for us to munch through the week.

    Parts of the new book were then discussed, including the “Ke Wun-Tser (柯文哲) effect” for Taiwan, which spells the genesis of the political raw wonders, known as Su-ren (素人) in Mandarin. Also present at the meeting were retired reporters, freelancers of various trades, and writers.

    Professor Yuan was previously judged guilty with 18 charges by the Chinese Communist Party in 1994, all on the basis of “subverting the socialist system”. By the end of that year, he was banished to Guizhou under heavy surveillance. US Department of State had twice mentioned to China regarding humanitarian rights of Yuan during that year in response to his disappearance from the general public. In July 2004, Yuan applied for US political refugee under the US constitution and internal law. In August 2004, Yuan employed the international law, UN charter, and Australian-related international contract to apply for Australian refugee status. He was granted and given the chance to finish his works. On September 10, 2005, as the judge of the Sydney International Tribunal to Judge the Chinese Communist Party's Crimes Against Humanity, he issued an arrest warrant requiring Hu Jing-tou’s immediate arrest of Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Zhou Yongkang, Liu Jing and other defendants to Sydney’s trial. Recently in November 2013, his work titled, “Assassination of Buddha”, was unable to reach the bookshelves in Taiwan on the basis of “overly sensitive information”. All major Taiwanese airports, Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall, and Eslite bookstores either returned the books or refrained from putting them up. Mayor Hao promised at the time to look into the situation as it interfered with freedom of press and speech.

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