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    Why the British are so bitter towards the USA


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    Does it bother you that...

    - the British treat Americans so badly?
    - the British try to take credit for stuff from the USA,
    like rock and roll music and even inventing internet?
    - the British say things on the web and elsewhere,
    like there is no future for the USA, we are fat, stupid, etc.

    If so, you might find this interesting...

    Think  about countries like Scotland, Ireland and Australia, they have the  most history with the British, and think about the people from those  countries and bitter does not come to mind at all. Friendly and sincere  comes to mind, although they all have had a tough history, mostly due to  the British. But there is a reason the British are so bittier towards  the USA. It is easy to understand the main reason for this is because in  the year 1776, the start of the British getting their ass kicked out of  America. This was such a huge defeat and the beginning of the end to  British power and a huge psychological problem for the British people,  that they still live with. Although the British still believe they are  superior to any other country. But what great contributions have the  British made to the world?

    It  is true that the USA has made some big mistakes in the past and many  people around the world want to blame the USA for the mess the world is  in. But the British’s influence on the world as a superpower goes back  hundreds of years, but the USA's influence has only been around for a  short time. So the British really are responsible for many of the worlds  problems. When someone looks at the USA's mistakes they should also  look at the many ways the USA has helped the world. When the British  were the superpower in the world they only were interested in helping  themselves. Just think if after 1776 America did not get it's  independence and was now ruled by the British, what a horrible place the  world would be. They would have never ended their reign of abuse on  less powerful countries.

    Funny,  if you ask a British person about the USA's future, they will often  explain how the British used to be one of the most powerful countries,  but that is over. And they will explain that it is the same for the  USA's future. And the USA is never going to come out of it's political  and economic problems. Really, the same?  If you look at the global  fortune 500 companies there are more USA companies then any other  country and very few British companies. And the big difference is that  new innovation and ground breaking businesses come out of the USA every  year, the best the British can do is wait for something great to come  from the USA, so they can try to imitate it. The British say that a  British guy invented the internet. What a joke! It was hundreds of  people at the US Department of Defense, MIT, in the silicon valley, etc.  And one British guy making one contribution, is not the same as he  invented the internet.

    The  British also try to take credit for rock and roll music. Again, what a  joke! They ripped off American rock and roll and American blues to  create an overproduced supergroup thing, where that music lost it's  heart and integrity. Only larger than life rock stars making millions of  dollars were considered great. The hippie movement started in the USA,  and punk rock started in the USA, both much like the true rebellion rock  and roll that started in the USA in 1950s. The hippie thing to the  British was more about how people dressed. British Malcolm McLaren saw  early punk rock when he was in New York and quickly brought it to  England, where it also became a overproduced commercial thing, that it  was never meant to be. Hipster punks in England would go to Kings Road  and purchase their punk rock fashion. Spiky hair, torn clothes and  safety pins started in the USA as anti-fashion, by people like Richard  Hell.

    In  any country or city where there are British people you also see the  British flag everywhere, like they are still desperately trying to  convince people around the world of their greatness. But people around  the world aren’t that dumb and when they dig a little deeper to find the  truth they realize, wow, the British really are full of crap. The  British government hangs on to who it has been for hundreds of years.  Take a look at the British Parliament and House Of Commons. You see only  bitter old white faces. Talk about a racist country. Makes me think of  the British (BBC) ban on Rock and Roll. That’s almost as bad as putting  Gandhi in prison. Can you imagine a black person, one that admitted to  doing cocaine and smoking weed, being elected Prime Minister by the  British. Never could happen. The world needs radical changes. Obama  being elected is a rock and roll thing at it's core, that a British  person could never understand.

    I  have always hated how people anonymously say bad things about other  people on the web. But it is something many British love to do. I am the  same as most people from the USA, I never saw a reason to dislike the  British until I spent some time in England and first learned how bitter  they are. Then I visited Thailand and it is infested with bitter  British, walking around with looks on their faces, like they have ice  cubes shoved up their ass's. And the British chameleons on the TV news  in the USA and in Hollywood movies make me sick. People in the USA have  no idea about who the British are until they travel outside of the USA  and meet some British people in person. And the British have no idea who  Americans really are, because we are so many different people from so  many different cultures. The British mainly just come from one inbred  culture. Where they also treat each other with the same bitterness.

    The  British say things like Americans are stupid or fat. Most American  people try to be humble and sincere, which can maybe come across as  being stupid. But a British being arrogant and superficial, they wont  come across as stupid, they come across as arrogant and superficial. And  there is a reason some Americans are over weight, is because of great  food and friendly American hospitality. In England you pay a fortune for  awful food served by bitter people. The British also say Americans are  violent. I started watching the CI channel and was shocked at how many  British mass murderers there have been in England also.

    I  know you are supposed to live and let live. But it is not that simple,  because bitterness and people being rude to each other is contagious.  But a world where everyone is bitter and rude to each other would be a  great thing for the British, because they are the best at it. An  interesting thing is, if you meet a British person by them self, they  usually have a different personality than when they are with a group of  British.

    I  agree there too many greedy, violent people in the USA. And the USA  needs to change. I believe George Bush, Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfeld and  also Tony Blair should be dropped by helicopter into the center of Iraq  and let them experience the same fate as they inflicted on so many  innocent people. A sad thing is that the British don't have the ability  to change. But the USA can and will change for the better.

    The  truth is, the problem is not one nationality or another, or one  religion or another, it is that human beings are just slightly evolved  monkeys. If there is a God that created us, I am certain we are seen as a  failed experiment and we will someday be exterminated by a wide spread  virus or a natural disaster. And there will then be a kinder, smarter  species than us, to evolve on the beautiful planet earth.



    I  created a short video that includes this information. It also shows  video of the British jackass Simon Cowell on American Idol, being cruel  to some nice American kids, and some great video of the loudmouth  British boxer Ricky Hatton getting knocked out by USA's Floyd Mayweather  jr.


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