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    Today it seems like you can't read too many headlines without reading something about a teenager going mental on a large crowd. It always seems that the perpetrators have some sort of issue that originates at either a dysfunctional home or a less than conducive school environment. It almost seems like the self-percieved disenfranchised feel it necessary to make tragic statements in order ensure full attention for their tantrum.

    Elliot Rodger was not a teenager, he was 22 and attending college. Rodger was the son of a Hollywood AD and his mother was a nurse. Elliot seemed to have a privileged life according to most sources. Although his parents were divorced he drove a nice car, seemed to have it easy in terms of material existence. So, why would Elliot take to Isla Vista near the UC Santa Barbara campus and kill seven innocent people, injure many more and engage police in a shootout that would lead to his demise? It seems like he had a problem with the fact that he was still a virgin. If you don't believe me read the LA Times.

    The obvious factor, he was a virgin,is scary since no normal person would kill over not getting attention from the opposite sex. It seems like Elliot was not really a normal person though, not once you read what he had planned. His massacre, in writing, was eerily titled "Day of Retribution." The minute you start reading it you realize the kid had some issues.

    Elliot talks about being bullied, the fact that his parents split, and how he felt inferior because girls refused to talk to him, much less take his virginity. So, if you are keeping score, what have we got? A kid from divorced parents, with a major inferiority complex and lack of confidence, he has been a victim of bullying and so on. Is that not enough for a ticking time bomb? Let's keep going then.

    So the kid gets to college and not a lot changes but if you read his little plan you'll realize that it gets much deeper than that. Elliot Rodger felt that because he was half British and his father's family was once, long ago, meritorious it meant that he was above rejection. Again as you read this you realize there is something incredibly wrong. Elliot mentions Xanax and Vicodin, prescription pills that seem to be a part of his daily life. Elliot talks about a beating he took because he wanted to throw some girls of a ledge at a party and goes on to say he left behind his Gucci sun glasses after he got beat up and thrown out. This was a time bomb driven by not just his perception but also materialism, the type that creates entitled behaviors.

    Elliot mentions his BMW, his desire to steal his father's Mercedes SUV and kill his little brother and step mother. Elliot had this whole mess planned out and he was posting videos in Youtube. Someone called the police and when he said it was all a misunderstanding, he was left alone.

    What no one knew, except for Elliot himself, was the fact that he had himself an arsenal all ready to go. What other people did not know, except for his parents, is that he had Asperger Syndrome, a pervasive developmental disorder that is among other things characterized by impairment in social interaction. Apparently Elliot was in treatment for that and it wasn't a secret, at least to his family anyway.

    Elliot Rodger's issue was frustration over the fact that he felt he should be getting ladies and wasn't. Elliot grew to think that he was above all others and close to a living God. I guess the big question here is, how did no one notice? I mean if you are a therapist, and he was in therapy, how do you not notice any of this? I'm kind of surprised. In the end the kid was a psychopath and perhaps he was smart enough to veil his insanity. All these factors make for one lethal combination and the worst part is that too many innocent people paid for it. There is no excuse for what happened, no one can say it was unavoidable if the signs were there. In the end we are all left trying to figure it out but we won't because rational thought just doesn't stretch that far.

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