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    American Airlines, Worlds largest or worlds worst


    I had a recent experience with American Airlines that I feel is completely unacceptable, and no traveler should ever have to experience what I have over the past week. I have exhausted ever option and gave American Airlines every chance to do what is right. I am writing this in hopes that future travelers heed my warning and perhaps as a way to prevent anyone else from going through such a nightmare. I began my travels on May 14 departing from Honolulu on a flight to LAX where my flight was changed from a smaller connecting flight to a direct flight to London Heathrow due to a delay with the next plane I was to take. It was upon my arrival that I found that my bag was missing. With pre purchased train tickets to Spain where I would embark on what would be a trip of a life time trekking the camino de Santiago across northern Spain, I could do nothin more than file a Lost baggage claim. On the property irregularity receipt I received it states that American Airlines will make  every effort to return my property as quickly as possible. This has not been the case.

    Instead of being at peace to enjoying the scenery, i had to make numerous calls in an attempt to find my bag. No one from American airline has truly lifted a finger to help me. I have been polite the entire time, I have made many phone calls at my own expense and constantly found myself talking to people who couldn't or wouldn't do anything for me. Not once was I contacted by an agent, with one exception, a test phone call while on the line with a representative. I suggested so many solutions only to receive one excuse after another. When I was told my bag was in London I suggested it be sent ahead of me to Bilbao and possibly delivered to the city I would be at at he end of the day. This never happened, instead my bag remained in London for approximately 5 days. I cannot fathom why my bag could not be sent to me, even by currier service if need be. It was at this point I opted to have my bag sent home as I grew further from major cities and into the Spanish countryside.

    All of my hiking gear and my eye glasses were in my bag. I have been forced to wear the same contact lenses for days now, and this is not a healthy thing to do. I've worn the same cloths for 8 days, only able to wash my cloths while wearing either clothes lent by other pilgrims or one of my brothers extra set of shorts. The only thing American airline has offered me is the option of reimbursement, which persons on a budgeted trip can hardly afford, and a travel voucher for 100 dollars. I do not appreciate the attempt to be bought off. This trip that was suppose to be such an amazing journey and has instead turned into a disaster. Replacing critical gear such as a rain jacket or hiking shoes is not an option for me.  Luckily a pilgrim from one albergue was kind enough to part with an old pair of shoes. I've been forced to walk in the rain as the weather has taken a turn from sunny to stormy. As embarrassing as it is to say I even chaffed while walking and now have a rash.  I am emotionally distraught from this whole ordeal.Quite frankly I am appalled at the total disregard American airline has shown towards me. All I want is an apology and for American Airlines to do the right thing.


    I stand for the little man.

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