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    Posted May 25, 2014 by
    Athens, Greece

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    “Better apart in peace than together and enemies”

    Human Rights is expressed through freedom and democracy which is generated by the people to the people for the people! A government that denies this to its own population has no other option but rule only by force oppressing the people by the threat of guns! This yet has its costs as having to strive to keep in power, at the same time, squeezes itself more and more to a way out that gets narrower, which in turn needs to oppress and threaten more and more the population! This gives to a government a Dictatorial identity! This method is proved as sooner or later will cause the people to explode with unpredictable consequences! Besides no matter how hard, how harsh, how cruel, how aggressive and abusive a government might be, the luck of freedom has no doubt negative credits with devastating impacts on both real development and progress of the country in general on the long run!
    This is Ethiopia of a multi ethnic country of about 70 to 80 groups counting a population near to 80 million! One of the largest Ethnic groups is that of the Oromos who count almost half the population of the whole country counting 35 million thus making the 40-45 %! The Oromos are the 1st as a one pure ethnic group in Africa , while the Oromo language (afaan Oromoo) is the 3rd after the Arabic and the Hausa!
    Despite all these the minority of Tigrais ( TPLF as the ruling party) and Amharas making both hardly the 15% of the total population managed to get to power through well planned and manipulative acts deceiving the Oromos since 1991! Being a dictatorial government while abusing and persecuting the Oromos, they think an easy case to both force them surrender both physically and mentally, obeying and accepting their governance by hook or by crook, which of course is a dream, a utopia of such a dictatorial government as that of Ethiopia! For the Oromos are committed not to stop struggling and even have to fight if necessary, to regain their lands to the last inch ! The Oromos would have never claimed lands in Gondar neither in Gojam nor Tigrai, neither of any minority groups that are scattered in many and different locations and areas! Yet the Tigrais and Amharas have grabbed and are to this day grabbing unconditionally by threats and the power of guns the lands of the Oromos! This obviously will erupt to conflicts and open fights with unpredictable results once more!
    To the contrary what could have been better for a country as that of Ethiopia to give freedom in the first place to all groups and the respect needed to their rights no matter, accept their conditions, discuss, negotiate, and bring issues of cooperation for a country with real development and progress? As only and only through clear discussions and talks the Oromos could live in peace along with the Amharas and the Tigrais bringing an end to a wound open for over a century without cure! Ethiopia is too large, from east to west and from north to south, with enough room and space for all! If we only sat and thought and took our decisions on how to make it better for a country to become a great nation, provided the people were free to think and take decisions for themselves in ways of co operations instead of thinking of how to exterminate each other!
    Wouldn’t it be “Better apart in peace than together and enemies”?
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