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    Posted May 25, 2014 by
    Incheon, South Korea
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    Salute to troops

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    From GI Justus to General McArthur who fought in the Korean War leave a lasting legacy in modern day vibrant industrialized South Korea

    The Korean War ended a little over 60 years ago. The battle by the US troops under the command of General Douglas McArthur towards the North from Inchon (Incheon), resulted in the the decisive victory for the UN offensive to push back the communist North Korean invasion of the South. Over 36, 000 brave Americans laid down their lives and close to 100,000 were injured during the war. Recently (on the first of this month), I visited Incheon, a thriving city where the Seoul airport is located, Imcheon is connected to Seoul by a bridge (image 4). In Incheon, I visited the beaches (image 1 and 2) and the harbor (image 3), where presumably major USS Inchon began the assault to evict the North Korean troops. One of the GI's engaged in the Korean war was late Dr. David Justus shared a lot of his experience during the Korean war. After serving in the US army in Korea, Dr. Justus completed his education right up to a Ph.D. from University of Oklahoma and then settled in Louisville, KY. One of the stories David would tell was about the food that he ate in Korea and the Kimchi pot that became a mainstay of Korean cuisine that kept him from trying Korean food in US for almost 50 years after returning from Korea. It brought back unpleasant memories and that was understandable. Even today Kim chi remains a key part of a Korean meal even during breakfast (image 5) but there is a whole variety of exotic dishes that make up a Korean meal and there are are traditional restaurants in Incheon (image 6 and 7) which would have made for a more memorable experience for the US troops had these restaurants been around at that time. But war is hell and the Korean war was no exception and that makes the sacrifice of the US troops even more salute worthy. The success of South Korea as a major industrialized and civilized nation is a glowing tribute to those who fought the Korean war along with the USA. Samsung, Hyndai, Kia are just some of the top South Korean owned companies whose products are treasured by American consumers. Imagine a Korea that was all occupied by the miserable dictatorship of North today and you will have to say a thank you an infinite number of times to the US troops who fought the Korean war and who are still stationed in South Korea ensure that the North is confined to the North and hopefully some day will be free of the dictatorship of a single family. God bless the service men and women who have fought for freedom, democracy and the advancement of humanity and all those who are currently fighting the cause of liberty. You are never forgotten not only on the memorial day tomorrow but as long as we live. In memory of those who did not return from the Korean war, I leave you with images of flowers and birds (image 8,9 and 10) along the shores of Incheon, where a bloody battle was fought to free the people from tyranny and dictatorship. Dr. Justus to General MacArthur and everyone in between, I salute you and remember you for being there at the right place and at the right time to change history.
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