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    Engaging Whiteboard Animation

    Whiteboard animation is not only our job, it is our passion, we love to produce these videos and we are always looking for ways to improve and innovate with each new animation.

    Not all whiteboard animations are created equal and so choosing the right people to work on your project is what will make the difference at the time of engaging your audience.

    You will find very cheap studios that deliver cheap results with a below average script and a boring animation that lacks any sort of creativity.

    On the other end you will find very skilled and seasoned whiteboard animation studios capable of producing truly amazing videos with great scripts and awesome animation, but in this case you will be likely looking at rates in the thousands for a single minute of production.

    At Whiteboard Animation Co you will be able to access all the elements of a first quality production without the hefty price tag, indeed, we can confidently say that the only thing cheap about our service is the price, because aside from that everything about our videos is top notch and the whole process is so simple it can be broken down in 3 easy steps.


    The first step is the writing of a great script, and this is probably the most important part of the production because if your message not relevant and entertaining to the viewers chances are you will not capture their attention.

    We have some of the best script writers at our disposal, who will get acquainted with your company, product or service and immerse in everything that makes your business proposition a unique one. Once they have a good understanding of your company, then they perfectly organized script that will present the problems your customers face and the solutions your company, product or service provides along with a powerful call to action.

    Therefore, you do not have to worry about not having a script, we will take care of this important step for you so that your message is both powerful and entertaining. Once you have approved the script we will then move on to the recording of a professional voice over for your video.


    This part of the process will get your video to start coming alive as the voice recording will allow you to get a glimpse of how your message will get across and reach your audience.

    But not any voice over will do, you will need a professional grade recording carried out by true voice over talent with the necessary equipment to attain a professional result. The level of engagement provided by a professional can make a big difference because even if you have the perfect script, nobody will really stay and listen to a sloppily recorded narration.

    That is why we have put together the best lineup of voice over artists, so you can count on true professionals to bring your message to life in the form of audio without having to spend a fortune. Hiring a professional voice talent can easily cost $200 per minute, but at WhiteboardAnimationCo.com we will include this as part of our production at no extra cost.


    This is where the magic of whiteboard animation takes place and where your message is brought top life through a visually engaging sequence of drawings and motion effects.

    Once we have the voice over approved by you, then we move on to the animation process, which involves creating synchronizing all the sequences so that the visual elements of the production perfectly match every single word of your message and bring it to life in a way that the viewer will feel compelled to watch it from beginning to end.

    We have a very skilled and talented creative team and all our videos are based on our Unique Creative Approach (UCA), which enables us to achieve a superior creative output and a highly relevant and engaging whiteboard animation with each production.

    There may be other studios capable of producing whiteboard animation videos, but none of them will be able to deliver the quality and engagement we provide at the price per minute we offer. Simply put, we are the best value when it comes to whiteboard animation videos.

    After your production is complete, you will receive a fully featured version of the video for review and you will have the opportunity to ask for revisions until you are satisfied. Indeed, unlike other studios, we will not put a limit to the number of revisions, which adds to the unique value we provide with each and every production.

    So do not wait another minute and start experiencing a true set and forget production process that will really amaze your audience, all for a fraction of the cost. For more information please visit http://whiteboardanimationco.com/
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