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    House, Season 1 Episode 2 (a learning curve!)

    Many of my theories and ideas came to me through experiencing things that I saw, heard or learned about their a variety of sources. This episode of house taught my about the myoclonic jerking which is another name for Restless Leg Syndrome.

    In this episode the patient had night terrors, or really crazy bad nightmares.

    I experienced these night terrors when I was a child, It was either before, or soon after I had suffered through pneumonia.

    But during our trial and error phase of searching out what we could and could not eat I had those night terrors again, a vivid dream that had me kicking and punching in my sleep, good thing I had my back to my wife or she might have gotten hit.

    I can remember after my lower back surgery I had a dream like that and I know that today, I don't have ANY dreams at all, except those times when I had accidentally become exposed to any of the artificial colors, flavors and, or preservatives.

    The severity of this can be seen in the way you can just sleep through your body telling you you have to go to the bathroom. Instead you dream that you're in the bathroom and then oopsie.

    I don't recall having any thing like voices in my head, but most of the sort of symptoms that young man had in this episode of House. And this was after eating something like Mayonnaise, or Margarine, or any of the many products containing the toxic additives.

    The point isn't that I think by watching House I will figure out the next big thing. The point is that This episode of house lead me to searching for more information about myoclonic jerking and that my idea of the swelling of the brain stem, and intracranial pressure against the delicate tissues of the brain cause these types of symptoms.

    And it's not from some mysterious disease being discovered and treated by House and his team of experts. It's from eating everyday foods that you thought were safe. Because you have faith and trust in the medical professionals who over see the approval of any number of chemical based artificial additives.

    But common sense and logical thinking tells us that using petroleum based coal tar that is obviously carcinogenic is not a wise thing to do. Nor is using formaldehyde, cyanide and lye as a preservative.

    If you don't know what lye is if you remember the movies of Nazis burying a large number of bodies in a mass grave covered in some white powdery stuff.... that stuff is lye! Formaldehyde is used as embalming fluid, they use that to prepare the dead for burial.

    Again something that should not be used in anything meant to be consumed, or used by the living.

    I can be wrong all day long about thinking it's the cause of this and the cause of that. but the undisputable truth is that these TOXIC chemicals used to make the artificial additives that are literally killing everyone should not be used, should not be approved and must be banned immediately.

    You simply can not argue that any of the additives are safe. Because they are not safe, not safe for any one, not for you, your children, your pets, not even for your worst enemy.

    This is my one hundredth ireport and I really wish someone would take what I have to say a little more seriously.

    I keep writing these pointing out that the chemical based additives are the source of all the behavioral and mental health issues in the entire population of America.

    And not one of my articles has been accepted, vetted and allowed into any CNN broadcast.

    I honestly question the media in this country, you all know this is going on, you know that the corporations that own the news media in this country, they are not about to pull every product from the shelves costing them millions, but I really don't care what it costs them.

    They are killing you and me and our families. Don't you think the time for protecting them has ended?

    I know I am not the only one who see's that there is a huge problem. So why do we not force things to change?

    We shouldn't have to force any change, the Food and Drug Administration should do this for us. But they don't do anything about it.

    They have meetings and hearings spending thousands and millions of dollars to reapprove the same toxic food additives for human consumption.

    Any doctor who is approving known toxic chemicals for human consumption should not be a doctor! And should not be allowed to practice anything that requires common sense and logical thought. You learned this in chemistry.

    Nothing will change with all the illnesses, the doctors can't fix any of it, but they can order dye free medications for their patients.

    I don't care is the medications are the color of poop. as long as it's safe and does not contain any deadly toxic carcinogenic dyes, flavors, or preservatives!

    Ban all toxic chemical based artificial colors, flavors and preservatives NOW!!!
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