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    Posted May 27, 2014 by
    Geneseo, Illinois
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    Hypothyroidism Misdiagnosed 6yrd due to THS Gold Standard only used for Thyroid test!

    Unfortunately I was one of the 1000's that go misdiagnosed yearly due to my doctor being stuck in the '70s gold standard testing for Hypothyroidism! He used THS test only for diagnosing Thyroid issues. I went 6 years feeling so bad that I could not go up and down stairs,every joint and muscle ached, extreme exhaustion, uncontrollable shaking, unable to sleep, poor memory, depression, anxiety,dry skin, lose of almost all of my eye brows, hair falling out soooo bad that I had receding hair line, slow healing, and the fact I could not loose weight even though I walked 20 miles per shift that I worked plus working out two 20 min. breaks with a 100lb weight gain over the 6yrs of being misdiagnosed. Although two of my symptoms are from the hyper side thyroid issues.They are profuse sweating and not able to tolerate hot temperatures. How did I get to the root of the problem after many failed attempts for a complete Thyroid test, testing for Lupus and many other issues that have similar issues? I ended up in th ER 2 years ago 2 weeks before my sons wedding. I was having tingling in my lips my tongue and forehead. I had a cat scan and it was clear and the ER doctor before giving the CAT was sure it was my Thyroid! A full panel was finally ran and of course the TSH was normal but my FT4 was extremely low. I was happy to finally find the answer to why I had felt so bad for years!!! It took over 1.5 yrs to get my thyroid med adjusted, and for my body to be able to feel some what normal. How ever I still suffer many of the list of symptoms above. The sad thing is due to the gold standard test I and many others go misdiagnosed over and over again! There is much research, evidence, and testimonials of patients just like me that have gone misdiagnosed for years, or medication treatment being limited had failed to help improve their conditions! Please check out the resources provided at ThyroidChange.org http://www.thyroidchange.org/evidence.html. We are in desperate need to changes in testing, more choices for medication treatment! We can't keep only test for the TSH factor that only tells if the Pituitary is send the TSH harmon to the Thyroid! We need to know if the Thyroid is putting out hormones, FT3 and FT4! When this part of the test is left out many, many individuals just like me go misdiagnosed! We needed more that one medication for Thyroid Treatment such as desecrated thyroid that was original treatment for thyroid issues. We need doctors to also treat to the symptoms besides only looking at the numbers! Research needs to be a a large scale not just with, 13 patients to support the TSH Gold Standard and then taken to the Endocrinology annual meeting of Doctors as valid research!!
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