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    Posted May 27, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    The GOP Doesn't Want People Without Cars to Vote-Time to Bring the U.N and Justice Dept In

    Which political party would people without cars belong to?
    Many people in cities don't own cars- inner cities. And who would those people be?
    In an effort to stop minorities from voting against the GOP, Republicans have cut funding for polling places predominately in poor neighborhoods.

    In another effort to 'protect the integrity of the vote', Republicans have eliminated polling places in minority districts to 'save taxpayers money'.
    You know, elections cost money. And unnecessary polling places in primarily Democratically concentrated districts are just a waste of money.
    Besides, why would the GOP consider changing their ideology to better fit the needs of their constituents when it's easier to just stop people who wouldn't vote for Republicans from voting?
    And as far as the GOP's constituents? Aren't they the wealthy?
    The problem the GOP has is that fewer and fewer people see them as representing them.
    Of course there are many corporatist Democrats but we're here to bash the blatant rigging of elections by Republicans today.
    It is a joke that the GOP say they are concerned about the integrity of our elections.
    They aren't concerned about anything that would be beneficial to our country. They are self-serving and interested only in postponing the inevitable- their party's demise.
    In their attempt to grab as much for themselves and their true constituents, the wealthy and corporate America, the GOP has cut funding to areas where people will now have to drive or ride a bus for an hour to get to a polling place.
    When Supreme Court struck down a central provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, it opened the flood gates, mostly in Southern States, to implement these restrictive measures.
    The problems we have in the United States over elections and race goes back to the Compromise of 1877.
    "African American historians sometimes call it "The Great Betrayal."
    If Republicans truly want to protect the integrity of the vote, then they should dissolve their party and go back to simply working on 'K' Street instead of continuing to pretend that they represent the hard working, misinformed middle class Americans that voted them into office.
    'Protecting the integrity of the vote', indeed.
    Start prosecuting those that pass these voter restrictions, Attorney General Holder, and then we'll find true elections and voting integrity in the U.S.
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