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    Posted May 27, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Dr.Karl Rove, 'Bush's Brain', Now Obsessed With Hillary's Brain

    Objectivity appears not to be Karl Rove's strongest trait. Rove has said that he's concerned that Hillary Clinton fell and may have suffered a brain injury that would prevent her from becoming an effective president.
    Then he denied that that was what he meant when asked about his comment.
    Rove should have been more concerned about the brain he was replacing a few years ago.
    Let's be totally honest. Rove doesn't give a damn about Clinton's health.
    This weasel is more concerned about diminishing the Democrat's top candidate for president in 2016.
    Hillary's brain or its possible injury Rove refers to, won't be what keeps her from performing her duties in the White House.
    Hillary Clinton will wait to see the election outcome from the 2014 midterms.
    If the GOP continue their stranglehold over the U.S. House, why would Clinton want a repeat of what the Republicans did to her Husband back during his second term?
    Let's face it, folks.
    The GOP isn't concerned about Clinton's health or our nation's for that matter. Their interest is in winning back the White House so they can really do some major cutting to middle class programs.
    Besides, the many wars that Republicans have started are winding down.
    There's money to be made in war profits as long as they have a rubber stamp in the oval office.
    The GOP strategy for winning back the Presidency is simple; destroy Clinton, cast doubt on her health and Benghazi and election rigging.
    Voter ID? Done!
    Where are their ideas to bring back the middle class and Main Street?
    They have none that are new. Remember. They are mostly conservatives; the meaning of the word?
    Not much.
    From Mediate: Stephen Colbert on Rove's obsession with Clinton:
    “I’m just asking questions,” Stephen Colbert insisted last night while covering Karl Rove’s allegations that Hillary Clinton might have a “traumatic brain injury” that would impede her ability to President all over the place.

    Colbert agreed that the evidence was strongly in Rove’s favor: after spending 30 days three days in the hospital to treat a concussion, Hillary was back on the hill, “exhibiting some very strange behavior during her Benghazi testimony: she had a mastery of the facts, and an unshakeable confidence, all while wearing those stupid glasses.

    “I mean, they’re like orthopedic shoes for your face,” he fumed. “You’d have to be brain-damaged to wear those. Or nearsighted.”

    But when he noticed that Rove actually thought that Clinton spent 30 days in the hospital instead of three, Colbert began to wonder if Rove himself had traumatic brain damage, too: “For some reason, he is protecting his skull with a thick cushion of meat.”
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