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    Beverly Hills, California

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    When Nigel Farage and the UKIP run Britain...we'll ALL be BETTER off !


    I predicted years ago that UKIP seemed Britain's BEST and ONLY bet for REAL change and it seems many voters now agree !

    Nigel Farage has more than withstood the unpleasant character assaults and proved himself and his party a WINNER or should I say CONQUEROR !

    He and the ukip has blitzkrieged their way into 22 eu seats blowing the tories, labor and the libdems into the political garbage bins where they belong !

    Now for the BIG FISH...the real challenge lies ahead as does the BIG PRIZE.....Britain.....in the 2015 general elections......I won't be so bold as to compare that with the eu elections and victories but I will say that hopefully ukip will field sufficient candidates to give the others a god run for their money ! And who knows with the wind blowing in the RIGHT direction ukip may win a whole bunch more seats in Britain as well !

    It's time for change.....we are all tired of the foreign hordes, sharia law wannabes, gypsies, irish travelers and east European criminals ruining the uk so if the British voters do the smart thing they will vote OUT the old and vote in the ukip NEW ! then sit back and watch as Britain, it's culture and lifestyles are HOPEFULLY return it's rightfull owners





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