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    Posted May 28, 2014 by
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    Suleiman Kerimov Foundation Declines to Publish Annual Reports



    Suleiman  Kerimov Foundation Declines to Publish Annual Reports

    Since 2013 The  Suleiman Kerimov Foundation, an allegedly charitable foundation, has been  holding and running Suleiman Kerimov’s entire abroad financial assets in the  scope of billions of dollars. However, the foundation has yet to produce the  2013 financial annual report. Now the KVG wonders what does the charitable  foundation has to hide.


    The Suleyman Kerimov Foundation (SKF), Suleiman Kerimov’s charitable organization  established in 2007, has been holding his elaborate structure of foreign assets  since 2013, as part of Kerimov’s attempt to go around a Russian law forbidding  him from holding any financial assets abroad during his service as a member of  the Russian parliament (the Duma). The allegedly charitable foundation is now  the owner of financial assets in the scope of billions of dollars, held in an  elaborate structure of offshore companies.

    Though the  foundation now handles financials assets valued at billions of dollars, it did  not bother to publish an annual financial report for the year 2013 until now,  five months into 2014. It seems the does not feel any obligation to report its  actions to investors and the general public, even though it is should be  obligated to do so. The KVG wonders- why has the Kerimov foundation failed to  publish its financial reports? What does the charitable foundation has to hide  from the public?

    This is yet another  example of the clandestine and suspicious conduct of Suleiman Kerimov and his associates, which justifies and strengthens the campaign against  controversial Russian politician and businessman, Suleiman Kerimov. The KVG is  calling to initiate an investigation by US & UK authorities into the actions of  Suleiman Kerimov, with regards to his conduct in the Potash sector. The KVG site  features details of the suspicious conduct by Kerimov and his colleagues during  the months that preceded Kerimov's declaration, as well as a call for action by  the authorities in this matter. They Kerimov Suleiman encourages others who were hurt by Kerimov's conduct to approach it via the  website, which would continue to operate in an attempt to reach as many of his  victims as possible.


    For further  details, please contact the Kerimov Victims Group at kvg2013@mail.com

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