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    Posted May 28, 2014 by
    Franklin, Tennessee
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    In Memoriam

    Maya's Memory

    “Heavenly Port of Call”

    Shed thee not, one tear for me,
    If shed you do,
    in sorrow.
    Cast not thine eyes upon my vessel,
    Inhabited, no more,
    and weep.
    Lest sadness fills my absence.
    Not reason one,
    shall sadness stir my memory,
    nor sorrow, my legacy.
    Abandoned may be,
    my vessel,
    but docked, is now,
    my spirit.
    And freed has been, my true essence,
    and only begun,
    have now, my travels.
    With my carriage serving as a platform,
    Perfect, it was,
    to jump beyond myself.
    Tedious was my packing,
    thorough, thought I,
    was my preparation
    Yet, arrive did I,
    quite light,
    Carrying with me only that love,
    For you, which did exist,
    long ‘fore the inception,
    of mine journey.
    The sole remnant,
    of a blessed voyage taken.
    Search did I for baggage,
    none did I find.
    Met did I,
    my Guide,
    And turned to Him, did I,
    my question,
    and together did we search,
    my belongings all.
    Standing before Him,
    do only I possess:
    Your love, caring, compassion, health, a peace that did overwhelm,
    and joy…immense.
    Less am I of:
    Anger, illness, sadness, sorrow and pain,,
    In form, any.
    For lost had they become,
    In absolution,
    along mine way.
    Soon offered to me did He,
    A smile… “first love” pure,
    and outstretche’d hands,
    the tour so grand.
    While stood did I,
    As kiss, did He,
    His child,
    upon my forehead,
    and widened arms, whisper,
    “Welcome home”.
    Miss me,
    you shall not,
    for still,
    am I here.
    Created each and all,
    did He,
    with but a thought, so mere.
    think of me…
    and I exist.
    Hear my voice,
    and I speak,
    Speak to me,
    and ring do mine ears,
    as taste do they still,
    on the sweetness of your voices.
    Need me,
    and my embrace, will you feel.
    Let not thy fingers point to any in blame,
    above all, thyself.
    None were the cause of mine leaving,
    but ALL,
    my reasons for being here.
    Missed not,
    were opportunities to say goodbye.
    For goodbyes are for those,
    we think to see no more.
    In time have I been,
    wife, mother, friend and confidant,
    and for time,
    a role new, do I take on.
    As stand, do I,
    In Heaven’s wardrobe,
    do I adorn my wings,
    with each smile of yours,
    per feather.
    And love,
    still shared,
    doth thread, do I,
    mine robe.
    Until comes that time,
    Mine eyes doth spot your dock.
    and lips doth grace your being,
    with kiss.
    And welcome will I, then you,
    To this Heavenly port of call.
    Shed thee not one tear for me.

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