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    Posted May 28, 2014 by
    milan, Italy

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    The King of Food Design: Paolo Barichella

    Food Design. Friendly Economy that like so much.

    The triumph of Efficient Kitchen with the King of Food Design "Paolo Barichella" and Food Design Reunion were protagonists in F.o.o.d Week in Milan. 

    The kitchen is designed for everyone, even for those who suffer from allergies or intolerances. 

    A dance of flavors and colors, innovative revisions with Effective Cuisine to the cube.

    Refined and authentic details for a kitchen that is transformed, thanks to the mastery of Paolo Barichella, into a realm of taste, friendly economy, excellence of Design.

    The method is innovative. View and teaches you how, having prepared the appropriate foundations described in the book "Effective Kitchen", by Paolo Barichella, and.Thirty, in few minutes you can prepare a dish of great excellence and gastronomic culture.

    The big news is that soon you will be able to make the cooking effective with Paolo Barichella, which will take place to the web in English.

    But what is Food Design?
    Food design could mean few or many things, depends on the knowledge that you have on the matter. If you have noticed, for some time, there is a lot of talk about Food Design, Cake Design and all when it's "Design" on the world of food and often, indeed, often, few have actually understood what they are talking about.

    Since all relate to decorated cakes this term, there are a thousand courses, thousands of teachers, programs, ibooks, everything and more, to better understand and do a bit of clarity, the King of Food Design, one of the most competent and authoritative theorists of Food Design philosophy we will clarify the ideas: Paolo Barichella.

    Food Design is the design of the Food Act (Food Facts and Context Environment) is in essence developing more effective processes to facilitate and contextualized action to take edible substance in a specific environment and circumstances of consumption, compared with a scope of sociological, anthropological analysis, economic, cultural and sensorial.

    The food Design takes under investigation the reasons for which we do a food Act, in particular to understand how go to plan. Design in Food Design means food effective solutions in a context where the product is functional to the consumer environment, and especially to the needs of the user at different times and situations.In one statement we can declare that Food Design is conscious of Design contexts, interfaces and functional tools, complementary to the Act of feeding, which can often be the food itself.

    If the path to the linked project is easily readable so we are talking about food design. If the affordance; the ability that a product has to communicate as it is to be used or consumed by its shape is clearly perceptible in the context where it is consumed or used talking about food design.

    The food styling is the formal evolution from an aesthetic point of view/composition that the interface of a product takes after that was designed by the Food Designer. Its importance is extremely strategic, but cannot prescind from the meanings and values of the project, and above all there is an end in it self, otherwise it remains a purely stylistic exercise and ephemeral.The common denominator is, however, that before being evaluated by compositional aesthetic parameters exceed anthropometric and functional ones. A product design exists if it meets a specific need for which it was conceived, and this also applies to the food.
    Who is aimed at a Food Design?
    All those who want to give a structural design methodology to their activities in the food. Doing research and development in a scientific way to make reproducible processes, understanding why occur and how they can be checked and modified to achieve a more effective and efficient result. The food designer is aware of technological and sociological aspects of matter, find the most appropriate ways to give shape to a requirement in the food industry. For example, forms and methods of use and consumption give a product to be consumed in a particular context.

    The industry is the ultimate expression of how a technology lowers production costs through economies of scale, and as the benefits of a design can be spread to everyone.

    A food blogger who wants to communicate correctly the values behind the food design, for example have many topics to talk about, and several examples and professionals to be involved. Communicate properly relates to a topic comes up professionals, opinion leaders and businesses that share the same values.

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    Pr Paolo Barichella:
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