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    Customer Review For Teleteria and Jay Servidio


    Thursday, December 14, 2006
    Teleteria Rocks
    I live in Boulder, Colorado and porn was never big here. I never thought about being involved in the business before but I got tired of getting laid off from job after job.


    I went online to google and searched and found several companies that built porn sites. When I called Teleteria I got to speak directly to the owner, Jay Servidio. He took the time to explain how it works and how I can go out and get traffic to my site and make money. I started with one site and now I own 5 sites! I earn more in a day then I used to make all week and I get to work from home.


    Visiting www.teleteria.net has been the best move I made ever! My life has been so much better! My wife and I don't have to worry about paying bills or anything like that anymore! Not with our 5 Teleteria sites. I couldn't have done it without Teleteria's customer service or their great design work! Jay Servidio has been the best to work with.


    Thanks Teleteria.


    Pete L., Colorado



    My wife and I thought about getting a porn site for years before we actually did it. Why we waited I still dont know.


    We finally finally checked out a few different companies. Most of them were not even companies, just one or two guys working out of their garages. I found Jay Servidio from Teleteria when I went to www.teleteria.net. He was available every time I called him and he asnwered a million questions for both me and my wife. We even got his brochure package and it had a dvd in it where I saw several other couples who bought his package and made the kind of money we wanted. Anyway, we bought 2 sites and now we have a grand total of 6 and its been 10 months since we started.


    The money is real. I still cant believe it. I highly recommend Jay Servidio and Teleteria to anyone who wants the opportunity to make real money in this highly profitable business. If you do it right, then go with www.Teleteria.net because they're the best!


    George and Wendy H., Florida
    Tuesday, November 14, 2006
    Teleteria Is Great


    I wanted to own my own business and when push came to shove at my full-time job, I went looking. I found www.Teleteria.net by surfing the net and gave Jay Servidio a phone call. Jay Servidio explained the benefits of owning my own adult and casino sites.


    I opted for the adult site since I was more familiar with that type of business than anything else! I couldn't believe how quickly the designers at Teleteria had my site ready to go! Then I got instruction from Jay Servidio on how to set up the billing.


    What surprised me the most was the marketing assistance I got. Their marketing department has been with me every step of the way offering suggestions and helping me with research. Teleteria is great!


    I have been very pleased with how great their response time has been to any questions I have. Teleteria is great and I'm glad I went that route. I have made enough money to not work in an office, to pay off the mortage of my home and buy my wife the diamond ring she's been pining for!


    Brian K., Brighton, UT


    I got a phone call from my brother-in-law asking me to check into a company called Teleteria. I looked into www.teleteria.net and found all kinds of negative posts. Having had some experience with small private businesses, I dwelved deeper into Teleteria and the postings on the chat boards.


    My advice to my brother-in-law after my extensive research on Teleteria was to go for it! I explained to him that pay sites are totally different from the free sites that were offered by the chat room posters. Owning a free site enabled you to be a middle man - meaning each time someone clicked on a pay site from the free site you earn a small fee. However, actually owning your own pay site removed the middle man and let you make more money over the course of time.


    I called Teleteria and spoke with the owner, Jay Servidio. He confirmed what I had already discovered. Jay Servidio was pleasant to deal with but did become very upset when I questioned him about the bad postings. I understand his reaction completely! The postings on the chat board compare apples to oranges and there's no way to make accurate comparisons this way.


    In my professional opinion I thought Teleteria was great. It provides ordinary people with an opportunity to make money. As much or as little money as they want. Teleteria even has great customer service. Jay Servidio presented himself as a professional with a passion about his company. This is not found in todays world. Most people, when met with adversity start all over again.


    I am happy to add that my brother-in-law has made his initial investment back and has paid for a vacation home on the lake with a nice boat! I even bought a casino site from Teleteria and have made more than enough money to send my oldest child to Harvard if she wants to go!


    Caroen S., Albany, NY




    It's been exciting to work with Teleteria. Of course I've been in the dark most of the way until I met with Jay Servidio. Now everything makes so much more sense!


    I purchased two casino sites and can't believe how much fun it's been! I check my stats every morning! I remember when I saw that I had made $1500 overnight! I was so excited.


    I called Jay Servidio and told him THANK YOU! My husband was very excited too and now checks the stats for me! We're working together to make our site bring in even more money. I can't tell you how exciting it has been to work with Teleteria.


    Teleteria is great and I'm very excited to have been smart enough to see through all the negative posts and make the right purchase! I trust Jay Servidio and Teleteria. I can't wait until next summer - we're going on a two week European vacation!


    Thanks Teleteria and Jay Servidio! I'm so glad I found www.teleteria.net!!!!


    Misty P., Fisher, IN


    I went to one of those chat boards to get some research on how to get into the adult internet business.


    I was told to get a free site and stay away from membership sites. I looked around more and found out that the guy on the chat boards was suggesting for me to get a free site because he sold them! Then I found Teleteria and learned that with a member site I owned it 100% and did not share my revenue with anyone else. I bought 3 membership sites with www.Teleteria.net and last month I made over 15,000.00 profit.


    Teleteria was easy to work with and very helpful to me in all aspects. I enjoyed working with Jay Servidio, the designers and their marketing staff. Teleteria has great customer service!


    I know I am going to buy more sites from Teleteria and recommend to all my friends and contacts that they should definitely go to www.teleteria.net.


    Ralph M., Indiana
    Monday, May 18, 2009
    Thank ya Teleteria!
    Being a construction guy who travels globally, my wife needed something to keep her busy. We don't have kids and her parents are healthy (Thank God!!!!). So we looked around and found that she could run an adult-turn key site from anywhere in the world! What a concept!


    We found Teleteria and decided to give Jay Servidio a call. Jay Servidio shared Teleteria's history and his background. Man, he's 2nd only to Hugh Hefner! he showed me and the wife our way around www.teleteria.net and wow is it amazing at the number of options we have open to us.


    Jay Servidio helped us with the name and all that stuff that goes with it. He's been there to answer our questions and so has the Teleteria staff. Now days, the money is not as easy to come buy except in this adult business. Honestly, I knew there was a big market for adult content but man! The amount of money I've made is stunning. We've purchased a lakeside cabin, a speed boat and two water skis.


    We're happy with Teleteria. Yeah, www.teleteria.net

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