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    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Kernels - Wednesday, May 28, 2014


    Good evening.

    I am Mark Ivy.

    Welcome to the latest edition of Kernels From the Cornfield - No Husks,  No Hulls, No Shucks! News with a dash of commentary to spice up your  fare for Wednesday, May 28th, 2014.

    1. Foreign Policy? - What  was dubbed as a major foreign policy speech today when President Barack  Obama spoke to the graduating class at West Point Military Academy was  greeted with but a smattering of applause.

    Analysts and pundits were left scratching their heads trying to figure out the impact if any of the President's remarks.

    From the Cornfield, I am left with an empty feeling and a sense that  our nation may be in the last seconds of our 15 minutes of fame on the  world stage, if the President's idea of global leadership continues.

    Read more of my thoughts about the President's speech at FromTheCornfield.com: Dud Foreign Policy Speech Lands with a Thud.

    2. 1,700 - That is the number of veterans served by the Veterans  Affairs hospital in Phoenix, Arizona who are waiting for care and  treatment, thinking they have an appointment, when they don't.

    This is beyond inexcusable. This is criminal!

    In addition to Republican Arizona Senator John McCain calling for VA  Secretary Eric Shinseki to step down, today, Democratic Utah Senator  Mark Udall also said it was time for Shinseki to go.

    Our veterans deserve better.

    Our veterans deserve and demand the medical care they need in a timely manner.

    Our veterans deserve and demand action now - NOT some time down the road after reassessing the situation.

    In addition to the 1,700 veterans left dangling in the win, the  inspector general is now saying that this problem is systemic throughout  the VA hospital system.

    Time to bring in someone who will attack the problem now, not tomorrow or after the next election.

    3. Taking from Peter to Pay Paul - Check out my article on an Intended Consequence of the Affordable Care Act hitting seniors and those on disability as of June 1. You can read all about it at FromtheCornfield.com.

    4. Malaysian Flight 370 - Now we are being told that there are doubts  that the ping that the search which revealed nothing but endless water  and sea bottom was not from one of Flight 370's data recorders after  all.

    What made the change in this assessment?

    Coming  up empty doesn't inspire much confidence that we may ever unravel the  mystery of what became of the passengers and crew of the fateful flight.

    5. California Carnage - Since the tragic mass shooting in California  Friday night by a lone man wielding knives, guns and his vehicle to  wreak death and mayhem on unsuspecting victims, discussion has turned to  mental health and mental illness.

    The subject of identifying  and keeping those suffering from some type of mental illness has been  linked to talks of gun control, ways to keep those who are afflicted  from access to firearms and better identification of those who may be  ill or suffering.

    Read: Cast Away Stigma of Mental Illness at FromTheCornfield.com with my full understanding of mental illness and mass violence.

    6. Caged Bird Freed to Fly - Maya Angelou has passed away at the young  age of 86. The actress, author, poetess and activist has broken free  from the shackles of humanity to soar with the angels. May serenity  await draped in the dignity you wore so well - rest in peace, sweet  muse.

    7. Texas Tea - Not surprising, Tea Party candidates  fought back and won in a primary in Texas on Tuesday. The state, ranked  48th in the nation in public spending, saw conservative candidates  running on smaller government and less spending when the issue has  nothing to do with the Lonestar State, but more complaint against the  out-of-control spending in the nation's capitol, Washington DC.

    Remember that Texas is also the home of Tea Party superstar, Senator Ted Cruz.

    Another big issue in Texas was immigration, those in the country and  state illegally. Texans of Hispanic lineage may have been upset, but by a  wide margin, Republicans are the dominant party in the state.

    Remains now to be seen if the Tea Party-backed candidates will win in  November as expected and whether those elected understand the concept of  compromise.

    8. Snowden, Edward Snowden - America's most  well-known whistleblower, leaker or traitor depending on your position  on the revelation of National Security Agency snooping on the  unsuspecting US of A public, reportedly told NBC's Brian Williams, in an  exclusive interview to air tonight, that he was trained and worked as a  spy, a covert agent.

    The White House is denying that Snowden  was anything but an IT analyst and categorically denies he was ever an  agent. Instead Administration officials are calling for the self-exiled  Snowden to take responsibility for his actions, return to his home  country and face justice for his crimes like a man.

    James Bond? No, Mr. Snowden, I knew James Bond. And you, sir, are no James Bond.

    That's what caught my attention for Wednesday, May 28th, 2014.

    Tune in tomorrow for another episode of Kernels From the Cornfield.

    I am Mark Ivy

    Good evening!

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