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    Posted May 28, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Dud Foreign Policy Speech Lands with a Thud


    What  was dubbed as a major foreign policy speech today when President Barack  Obama spoke to the graduating class at West Point Military Academy was  greeted with but a smattering of applause.

    Analysts and pundits were left scratching their heads trying to figure out the impact if any of the President's remarks.

    Listening  to the speech, I came away agreeing with Polish Nobel laureate and  former Poland President Lech Walesa that the US is no longer the leader  of the world, but under the watch of Obama abdicated the US role.

    Even  as Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week at an economic  summit in Moscow, the US that once was to be considered and feared is no  more.

    As  usual, the President delivered an excellent speech and filled with  sound bytes. But what the President did not do was reassure our allies  around the world that the US would stand with them and behind them.

    He  gave merely lip service to America's responsibility in the world and  the idea that it was the US that other countries turn to for help in  times of need.

    Most likely our enemies loved the speech and took heart that America would not act when push comes to shove.

    Perhaps this explains why Putin is continuing his push in Ukraine and eyeing other former Soviet Republics.

    Perhaps  this explains why Syrian dictator Bashir al Assad has only complied in  the barest of means to the dismantling of chemical weapons.

    While  the President sounded strong, the teeth, the backbone, the resolve  seemed to be missing when it comes to dealing with crises wherever they  occur around the globe.

    The  polite, but barely audible positive response from the cadets who will  be deployed as officers commanding our troops was thundering in its  subdued tone.

    To me, from the reaction, there appeared little that the soon-to-be officers found inspiring from the Commander-in-Chief.

    The  only real applause came when the President noted that the graduating  class would be the first in 10+ years to not be sent right away into a  war zone.

    Sorry,  Mr. President, I must disagree that your Administration has been the  most effective in foreign policy of any administration.

    Our status in the world has dimminished under your watch.

    Our friends are unsure if we will be there or not.

    Our enemies see nothing to give them pause in doing what they want.

    And, no, I am not a partisan, but an independent.

    You  say, Mr. President, the US must lead, but looking back objectively over  the years you have been in command, the US has not always done what you  say we must do.

    The  US did not take the lead and still is waffling in some parts where  action and leadership is called for - example: Syria. That country torn  apart by a civil war looked to the US and has become instead a breeding  and training ground for Al Qaeda.

    Now you want to find, equip and train opposition fighters who are not tied with extremists, jihadists and Al Qaeda.

    That time passed two years ago.

    From  the Cornfield, I am left with an empty feeling and a sense that our  nation may be in the last seconds of our 15 minutes of fame on the world  stage, if the President's idea of global leadership continues.

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