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    3 Amazing festivals to visit in India


    India is an utterly amazing country in what concerns it’s culture and all the vivid local celebrations. With Hinduism being the primary religion, if you’re lucky enough to be in the right place in the right time traveling around India, you can get the most unforgettable experience of your life by taking part in one of the following Indian festivals:


    Ganesh Chaturthi


    Date: Depends on the hindu calendar and usually falls between August, 20th - September, 20th. Usually lasts for 1--15 days. In 2014 the festival starts on August, the 29th.


    This festival is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha - one of the most important gods in Hindu mythology. To honor him, people create a huge amount of idols from clay, metal or other materials and decorate them brightly. Some statutes may reach up to 20 feets high (!!!). Temporary temples called Mandapas or Pandals are made outside for everyone to come and leave a small endowment to the God or just bring flowers.


    Afterwards, all the idols and deities of Ganesha are taken out on the streets and loud and colorful processions take them across the city with music and dance following each step till the statute makes it’s final way to the river.


    Try settling in Mumbai for that period to get the most experience of the festival!




    Date: Varies each year depending on Hindu calendar. The date mainly falls for March or late February. In 2014 Holi starts on March, 17th.


    Probably the most well-known and most vivid festival in India, Holi is a celebration of spring, life and love and …. loads of paint!


    The Holi festival starts with Honika bonfire on the night before the celebration. On the huge pyre made is made to burn Honika - the evil spirit and celebrate the good defeating the bad. Materials for the huge pyre are gatherd weeks before and everyone can bring a stick or to :)


    On the next day - it’s all fun and colors. Grab colorful powder and water guns filled in with painted water and go out on the streets and start your game. It doesn’t matter if you are a serious business man going to a meeting, a foreigner or a begger - everyone are part of Holi.


    NB: Don’t dress to fancy for the occassion. You’d be all over in paint no matter how hard you’ll try to escape. Kids here been training since childhood to shoot the tourists ;).


    Rajasthan International folk festival


    Date: Takes place while Sharad Purnima in September-October. In 2014, October 8-14th.


    Held in ancient Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, this festival gives you a rich insight to the amazing culture of Rajasthan and it’s traditions.


    Each year the organizers propose a new theme for the performers to introduce Rajasthan culture from all angles. Traditional folk singers, dancers and performers gather from all over the country to stage breathtaking performances.


    Try delicious local food cooked according to traditional thousand-old recipes and enjoy and prolong your stay to take day trips to Jaisalmer and Jaipur.

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