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    Entertainment Idea's


    Entertainment ;
    As a disabled veteran I have alot of time on my hands, I mean, I write political opinions and such to share with the world, or the world that reads what I write, the hardships veterans face, as I live what I write. If it happens to me, it
    may happen to other veterans if I fail to tell my stories.

    I have to thank CNN ireport for the venue to share my stories, and now my idea's on my mind that I ponder in my leisure time. Without them, well.... we might still be stuck in the 20th century....
    The entertainment world is a finiky place, you need to hire an agent just to find a place for your idea to land, then there is that off chance that someone will steal the idea as their own. I have sent many idea's to our representatives over the years and have never recieved anything back except the occasional comment "off the record" that I was not a Party member. Even suggestions to our Presidents, at least three of them since internet e-mail began, to better the economy, education or to show a way out of a tight fix that may save lives. But it is the movie and television arena that I speak of, in the hopes that I can make a small contribution, and maybe find an honorable recipiant that would send a few dollars to a poverty level disabled veteran. I do have a complaint, but we will get to that later, At any rate, the knowledge of where it comes from is forever witnessed by way of the fabulous internet;-)=
    First off, #Harry_Potter; I always thought that #Emma_Watson stole the show, and with her in mind I came up with an idea for a spinoff. Granger in the Shadows; where Hermoine is a reclusive brainiac who investigates the mysteries of the magic world. Once she compiles the evidence she brings it before a triumvate of aurors who decide what, if any, action should be taken. I think it would make either a great tv series, or multiple movies, and if the Hollows II is matched, there is a few years before she has children, so it would work.
    #Bullitt ; A tv series that brings back one of the great classic action movies. Now I know it would be a hard sell if it wasn't done right and with the right actor, but I got that covered. I watched Never Back Down with my son and thought that #Cam_Gigandet was a close match to #Steve_McQueen and would act as Bullitts grandson, either fresh out of acadamy or newly promoted detective. Of course it would not be right without the old 68 Ford Mustang fastback with wreaked front end and all in the garage that he works on, but he would drive the new Shelby Cobra Mustang as his work car. The hard part would be finding the right city for the car chases, etc. San Fransisco is OK, but I would like to see more than multi angle scene repeats this time. This is a sure winner if done right, and Cam has some fighting skills to match the car chases, and #Jacqualine_Bisset can play grandma;-)=
    Now I am a 70% deaf veteran and rarely go to the movies, on the occasion where my sons beg me I leave hoping the DVD comes out fast as there are no captions or subtitles except for foreign language films, so I thought that as the theaters have cheap 3D glasses that maybe they could have something like that for the deaf to wear to watch the movie with family and read the captions without interupting regular viewing. In addition, many political candadatesshould haul around a large flat screen tv and caption their town halls. Just a thought;-)=
    I do play video games on occasion and I like Diablo II, Bejewelled, Farm Heroes, etc. but would like to see a real-time game about our government, our nation and the options to play any representative up to the president. This would be a great way for the people to show that they can, or can't, run our country for the better. Heck the game done right would be worth $99.00 to me, i'd save up for it, plus patches to ad and keep the game up to date with real world situations.
    Come on gamers, build something that will help our leaders if they decide to play against the people;-)=
    In the music world I would love to see a machine that you can walk up to with a USB drive and download my favorite music videos to buy and play on my laptop, I am only 70% deaf so I still enjoy music but want what I want without the penalty of buying more than the songs and videos I like, though I cannot afford quality earphones yet. I miss the classics and don't have an internet set up, as I piggyback my sons iphone hotspot and he ain't home much. It is something to help the economy and keep some of us from total misery.
    I leave the complaint for last so as to get the rest read before i'm shut down. I was raised Catholic and though I like many tv shows and movies today I would like to see a link on the DVDs that will play the shows and skip the gay parts. I feel it is a form of de-segregation and as I believe in equal freedoms, I think people with certain beliefs should have a right, and a way, to NOT watch gay sceens and still enjoy the show. Just sayin;-)=
    All the best and God Bless. John W Hargis Sr

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