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    CHIAMATA URGENTE : from the REUNION to the DISC. They come back to talk, sing, the 6 boys from CREMA ... the masters of the New Wave 80's


    The lights were turned off on Crema BABALULA’ s stage switch of last December 6, accompanied by CHIAMATA URGENTE’s thanks to all their fans, what follows them away from the early 80’s , and that on the occasion of this reunion were able to experience many emotions walking between the scores of their adolescence, soundtracks such as "TEMPO” as is "L 'ULTIMA ORA" that for many young people in the area and not only were really the notes of their growth.

    The lights were turned off  ma not the thoughts and ideas

    Paolo Alpiani’s group in fact, for about 3 mounths has "concealed" in fact, a great idea that will certainly make happy not only their fans attending the BABALULA on December, 6th but also those who are in that 'time and not only that, they could get to know who the CHIAMTA URGENTE are and most importantly, what they were like cult band of the New Wave in those years and what may be coming in this instant and future.

    At that point, since the 'incredible success that Paolo Alpiani calls "the most emotionally powerful concert ever in their careers," the band could not leave their fans without a following ...

    The ideas have made their way into their music mind.... and finally at the end of May will be "made ​​and implemented" with the official release scheduled for 31st of May of the new CD (available on AMAZON from May 31, at EURO 5, 99 price and in the space of a month maximum also on ITunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Emusic, Google play and many others).




    In this new project, which is the result of many days spent in music recording studio, rearranging 8 amazing track from their repertoire, such as "Mille e una notte” and "L’attesa”, with sounds that become the new reality of CHIAMATA URGENTE, was accompanied by a true reality, what we might call in all respects "CHIAMATA URGENTE: THE RETURN’S TIME".

    The band deliberately made ​​in studio "live" more difficult but certainly making the most of the emotional impact of the songs.

    The album, packaged by a incredibly beautiful and impact cover created by the artist Anna Lopopolo in the design in photos and graphics, is really a "gift" that can’t absolutely miss in the playlists of those who not only grew up with CHIAMATA URGENTE but even to those who could have been savored the growth in these long ... 30 years!

    "We got caught by the hand ...(typical italian talking way ndr)" , so begins the "Rock and Roll’s Reverend " Sir Paul Alpiani during Emanuele Mandelli? S nterview has created for Sussurrandom last May 10 (http://www.sussurrandom.it/site/videonotizie/chiamata-urgente-arriva-il-disco/)

    chatting and telling how it really came the CD "not without some problems of reharsals and engravings days’ management “but really for this - continues Alpiani - arrived at the result that we really wanted at the beginnings of this dream, whereas the new “TEMPO” version is in effect a completely new song - very very nice, we can add listening to preview the CD - we wanted to make sure that this song was really, again, the our flagship piece, our leitmotiv. "

    From this anecdote and also from TEMPO is just the first piece that was written and performed by CHIAMATA URGENTE in 1983, was decided naming the CD “TEMPO” , a title for which all become a moment to remember, learn and especially to dream again with the voice and guitar of Paolo Alpiani, Marco Bertolotti guitar, keyboards Carlo Schira, bass and backing vocals Marco Giovanetti, drums and percussion Enrico Zaninelli and sax Andrea Marchesetti simply CU!

    Talking with Paul Alpiani and his "friends ... better, brothers ... " , so talking with CU, we understand not only their desire to "re-create the contact" with the public, but especially the 'enthusiasm to even get back on stage ...


    Then we’ll find CHIAMATA URGENTE on some stage in the very next future? Stay with us and follow their ….return!


    To follow CHIAMATA URGENTE:  https://www.facebook.com/chiamata.urgente



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