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    Posted May 30, 2014 by

    21st Century: The century of rapid technological development and lacking social cohesion

    2014, the world has seen a century of rapid development. Every day our lives seem to get better and easier, but there is one thing that the average Joe seems to forget. That is, if he even finds it a problem. The problem is the social structure of our complex society. As an example I will demonstrate something that happens in my home town in Netherlands.

    When I grew up I went to a high school in rich neighborhood, but which was close to less wealthy neighborhood, so both the rich and the less rich went to the same school. I joined in the second year of high school because I had lived abroad (China) for several years. When I went to school there everyone was open to meeting new people because they were used to people coming and going, but in the Netherlands this was not the case. The first few years I started to notice that the people that came from the richer village would not really hang out with the people that came from the other village. I hung out with both of them because I lived in a village that was further away.

    I could not understand why they would become friends. Till I noticed that both of them had there own opinion of each other. The rich kids would think that the less rich were all chav’s and the less rich kids would think that the rich kids were spoiled and that’s why they would not hang out with each other (of course there were one or two exceptions).The problem with this is that, you would not expect this kind of easy thinking in a complex and democratized society. This kind of thinking dates back from the time that there were ‘classes’ in society.

    I think this is a problem which occurs in a lot of european countries and I think we should try to be more open to each other because nobody choses were they come from.
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