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    Another Polar Vortex to Come? Active Energy Can Mitigate Your Costs


    As all of us know, last winter in North America was one of the coldest winters on record. This was the winter of the Polar Vortex, a jet stream originating from the Artic which, with its tempering, was pushed southward into Canada and the northern portion of the United States. To remind you of just how cold some parts of Canada became during the worst of the Polar Vortex, Winnipeg, which arguably faced the brunt of the weather pattern, reached a low of -37 degrees Celsius on January 7; meanwhile, on that same day, a record low was set in Hamilton, Ontario, when the city braced a low of -24 degrees Celsius.


    Digging in and bearing the freezing cold was bad enough for Canadian citizens. But, what made it worse was having to face the abnormally high gas and electricity bills that appeared as a result of simply trying to stay warm during the long cold spell. It was calculated that more natural gas was used last winter than at any time in the past twenty years. And with supply just barely meeting demand, the fact of the matter is that energy costs, and specifically, the cost of natural gas, shot up dramatically.


    This was the unfortunate reality that Canadians had to bear, and post Polar Vortex, it’s left many on edge and questioning – will next winter be just as cold? Will gas prices continue to simply escalate? And, indeed, the rumblings that extreme temperatures and extreme weather patterns, like the Polar Vortex, will become more frequent as a result of climate change do not help ease Canadians’ worries. Nor does the fact that right now, during spring and summer, which is the time in which natural gas companies replenish or ‘inject’ their supply of natural gas, replenishment supply is looking alarmingly low, signaling another winter with high natural gas prices, regardless of whether it’s a mild winter or not.


    In studying the array of energy options available to Canadians, there is a silver lining, which means that Canadians shouldn’t panic quite yet about the possibility of facing increasingly costly natural gas. It turns out there is a way to alleviate the increases in natural gas prices that are likely to become a reality next winter – and that’s through natural gas suppliers.


    Based in Ontario and quickly expanding its reach,   Active Energy is a natural gas supplier, and since its founding in 2005, the company and its experienced team of energy consultants have proven to be invaluable in helping Canadian businesses save on their energy costs.


    What does Active Energy offer businesses that local energy distribution companies do not? As it turns out, two things: one, the company offers a fixed price rate. Active Energy buys large blocks of energy through long-term energy agreements. That means that when a business chooses to switch to Active Energy, Active Energy is able to promise that business a fixed price on their gas for a length of one to five years. No more spikes in natural gas prices every winter. No more worries about whether the next winter will be a particularly cold one or not, and how much to budget in for energy costs.


    In fact, because fixed price plans, as offered by energy suppliers like Active Energy, have proven to be so convenient for budgeting and forecasting, these wholesale suppliers are becoming ever more popular and the more viable option compared to standard utility companies.


    But, besides fixed price energy plans, Active Energy also serves as an energy consultant to its business customers. With a Business Services team that has over 50 years of industry knowledge, Active Energy proactively works with businesses to mitigate their energy costs. Focused on providing customized solutions for its customers, the company offers an array of energy management tools, such as hedging strategies, monthly reporting and market intelligence.


    As alarming and unfortunate as it sounds, the fact of the matter is that weather patterns are becoming less predictable and more frequently severe. And, in turn, businesses need a better model to reliably forecast their energy costs, both in the short-term and long-term – it’s no wonder then that Active Energy, which provides just the model that businesses are looking for, is becoming an increasingly dominant player in the energy marketplace.

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