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    Cockta is celebrating 60 years, it all started with a secret formula in Yugoslavia

    Cockta name is derived from the word cocktail (cocktail) because it is a mixture of pomegranate extract, lemon and other types of herbs. Derivatives "Cockta" refers to the U.S. Coca-Cola.
    On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Cockta , Atlantic Group has decided to recall the story of perfectionism , which started 1952nd year when they are employed in companies Slovenijavino began to develop a secret formula of the first carbonated soft drink in Yugoslavia . The 1953rd Cockta reported and recorded in the book of the Federal Patent Office in Belgrade and the Patent Office in Berlin .

    Cockta name is derived from the word cocktail ( cocktail ) because it is a mixture of pomegranate extract , lemon and other types of herbs . Derivatives " Cockta " refers to the U.S. Coca - Cola.

    Architecture student Sergei Pavlina 1952nd year they hired to design the label and bottle for Yugo Cockta they advertise as " Cockta " . The letters of the inscription taken from magazines Slovenian nation which was published before World War II . It is interesting that Sergei Pavlin already 1952nd year and created a poster on which the polar bear to drink Cockta , but his proposal was then rejected . He was elected a suggestion designer Uros weighed with a picture of tanned girls in yellow shirt , with a ponytail and Cockta bottle in his hand , which is still one of the most typical images of Cockta .
    The first promotional activities

    On the ski jumping in Planica in March 1953rd year for the first time introduced a new drink named "Cockta".

    The company Slovenijavino in Ljubljana trucks are already loaded in the early morning of a new bottled drinks that were packed in wooden crates, and they added 40 home-made panels with racks on which the blue background was printed Vagajina tanned girl. Slovenijavino promoters, which shows visitors shared Cockta, for then the time were extremely interesting and strikingly dressed (wore overalls made ​​of satin chocolate color). Entirely designed promotional actions prompted the general interest and according to some sources, the new drinks will soon run out. It is an important part was the price because of Cockta bottle of 0,25 l should earmark 30 dinars, which was much less than the cost then a bottle of beer.
    After the successful launch in Planica continued with promotional activities. Among the most successful promotional campaign incorporates photography shop assistant with a metal basket for sale Cockta on the railway platform, and children who drink Cockta.

    Company Slovenijavino your newsletter is invited to purchase products Yugo Cockta. They emphasized that the drink suitable for children, young people and lovers of soft drinks. Caterers recommended that mixed with a variety of alcoholic beverages, namely beer, wine, vermouth, rum ... Even then, they emphasized that "Cockta" patented product company that has protected all forms of packaging, from bottles, crates, shutter "Jasta "to color: light blue as the summer sky, yellow like the sun and the black letters showing the contrasts of shadow.

    The first bottle with embossed lettering Yugo Cockta is made in glass store Sentry Rogatcu. Due to the demanding production later embossed label on the bottle replaced with yellow lettering Yugo Cockta in screen printing technique. Cockta to date several times changed its outward appearance. More than once, she changed the design, but they always returned to the original form. The development of packaging Cockta is also stuffed in euroboce, plastic bottles and cans. Again and again followed the trends to shape packaging and range of different flavors.
    flourishing market

    In the first year , only a few months after a successful promotional campaign in Planica , Slovenijavino company has sold four million bottles of Cockta . To fill the edit new bottling wine . Production has included the production of syrup and filling the prepared beverage. In the mid 50 's of last century , except for accelerating sales through well-established , and they began selling syrup Cockta licensed manufacturers , which strongly increased sales in the area of ​​government of the former Yugoslavia . Another reason for the increase in sales Cockta after 1963rd year was the construction of the first bottling plant for filling soft drinks in Belgrade . So the 1967th year in the former Yugoslavia, there were already 90 licensed manufacturers that are filled annually more than 75 million bottles of Cockta , but it is precisely because of its quality has become questionable . The result was a decline in sales and production , while the Yugoslav market aggressively penetrate Coca - Cola and Schweppes . The 1974th began to seek new solutions to re- conquer the domestic market . They changed the exterior appearance and Cockta again won customers like drink made ​​from natural ingredients that quenches thirst , drink with ice and a drink with local tradition . Then came one of the most recognizable slogans : Cockta , drink your and our youth.

    On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Cockta begin to charge in plastic bottles . Designers to life Cockta all have this year returned to its starting point , in Planica . So her new appearance, designed 1988th year on the occasion of 35th anniversary of Cockta , presented just in Planica . Until then Cockta drink from glass and plastic bottles and the glasses, and since then and the cans . The 1995th filling Cockta recalls Slovenijavino company that has a red- yellow appearance and added more blue.

    Until significant changes coming 2000th year when brand Cockta buys company Kolinska . Material for a new integrated look at the agency Carob RMV draw from the original conception and is corroborated by the slogan " never forget your first ." Year 2001. Filling Cockta moved in Rogaska Slatina, and nine years later the Croatian company Atlantic Group buys the entire company Droga Kolinska dd which is continuing forever young Cockta .

    The 2012th Cockta introduced a new campaign that combines legendary internship with a fresh view : drink that provides a unique refreshment drink for socializing , drinking youth who faithfully users and that is always with us . Through a dynamic and positive tone of communication creates new refreshing story . " Refreshment " is presented nostalgically - modern moment that restores the clock , but Cockta remains always in step with him - a modern , yet retro cool . Campaign with a " refreshed " girl who drink Cockta was designed by the agency Pristop .
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