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    Vidor, Texas
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    UPDATE: (SOLVED!) Help! Can You Identify These Symbols?


    This is the famous "Sentry" from NASA Mars photo PIA17083. I was recently lucky enough to  highly resolve this image. Now I'm left wondering why this "Martian" (I assume) has a "Bird" symbol and a "Horned animal" symbol on opposite sides of the "Hat" (or is it a Crown?) Any Ideas are much appreciated



    I realized I could simply LOOK-UP these symbols on the internet - what a day we live in!

    Here's what the Univ. of Michigan's Symbology project say's about these HUMAN symbols - Martians may have a much different meanings to these symbols.


    To Wit:


    "Horns are an animal's weapon, so it follows that as a symbol they function as representing strength and aggressiveness. They are also the power and dignity of the divinity, and horned gods usually represent warriors and lords of ANIMALS. Horns represent salvation and immortality as well, as the horn is extremely durable. Notions of protection and asylum are carried with the horn, and it also means the beginning to Egyptians and Jung. Madness and rage are often associated with the horn, especially from that of a charging animal. Can be phallic in the sense of masculine penetration. Has unfavorable interpretations when in connection with the ox, which carries senses of castration and sacrifice; also negative in its connection to Satan, who is said to have horns. Can be fabulous, though, when thought of with the mystical unicorn."

       "Can also be looked at as a trumpet, the natures of the words are very similar, as the first horn in the musical sense was the Shofar of the Jews, which is blown during religous ceremonies, and was taken from the ram and other animals. Represents a call to arms, or a call for help. Salvation and victory are related, as well as sadness."


    "In most traditions, birds have a predominantly positive connotation. Said St. Hildegard of Bingen in her Liber de Subtilitatum, "Birds symbolize the power that helps people to speak reflectively and leads them to think out many things in advance before they take action. Just as birds are lifted up into the air by their FEATHERS and can remain wherever they wish, the soul in the body is elevated by thought and spreads its wings everywhere." They represent the human desire to escape gravity, to reach the level of the angel. The bird is often the disembodied human soul, free of its physical constrictions. In Egypt, birds with human heads are dominant characters and they are seen leaving the mouths of the dying.

    In FAIRY TALES, those who understand the language of the bird are often able to attain special knowledge, and people are often transformed into birds. They are thought and imagination, transcendence and divinity, freedom from materialism. May also stand for the metamorphosis of a lover. When connected with the TREE, shares something of the Phoenix: the male tree, in which the burning female nests. Natural enemies with the SERPENT and the tortoise (haste versus slowness). Flocks of birds may be negative."

         In other words - my first guess was right - the Martians symbols mean "War" and "Peace"
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