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    Posted May 31, 2014 by
    Frederick, Maryland

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    Zombies Fact Fiction or Possibility

    In this day in history, we need to look through different eyes to become a higher race of beings. It's through looking through different eyes you can learn to understand, comprehend, and maybe dream yourself some other reality. I'm not going to ramble about the title above, but simply will say this. There are so many cultures, folk tales, and historical artifacts that play into the imagination and realization of what our minds are supposed to believe. What was not made possibly 100 years ago, now is within the grasp of mankind through technology. But it is THAT technology which will kill the beings that we are on this earth in these hours. There are other's that may spite such beliefs, but history has shown that evolution is inevitable. So with that, let me explain my point. Who would think that a monkey could be born with human hair on his head and a beard and it's red? Who would have thought that Giant humanoids once walked this planet? Who could have imagined the dinosaur? We as humans are created through a wave of energy beyond anybody's imagination. Take within that glimpse and think about how monsterous we have become. From atomic bombs, radio active power plants, oil spills in the ocean, cloning, etc. When it comes to drugs, the point in fact is yes it is a drug. A drug is a substance that alter's a persons behavior etc. If the government can create biochemical warfare where the skin is pealing off someone as they die is horrible. Yet, it is this technology that created drugs. So why couldn't someone be smart enough to create something that could be out of your system quickly? They found nothing in the man that ate the homeless guys face. Now a mother beats her child and appeared to be on bath salts? Amazing.. And recently there was news about a new heroin called krokodil eats you from the inside out and you look like a Zombie. So many people have watched Zombie movies since I was a child and on the radio days ago. It was written in cultural historical writings. "The dead shall rise." Some things you read in these leave your mind to imagination. That imagination is what creates war, healthcare successes, etc. Is it possible that mankind, whether it's a person by accident mixing chemicals together, make a drug that turns everyone into this flesh eating monster? I will not beg to differ with that thought. It was the imagination of the Wright Brothers that made the airplanes you fly in today. It was Thomas Jefferson who made electricity possible. And what about the T model car that makes it possible for you to drive in luxury? It's totaly feesible that something so horrible could happen. But what we need to do is redirect all of that technology to survival, and real humankind existance. We are many on this earth and that earth is all that God has granted each and every one of us. Do not take for granted the knowledge and power behind erogant technological advances. Because easily we could become a pawn in the game of Zombie land.
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