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    Posted May 31, 2014 by
    Frederick, Maryland
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    Making a U Turn

    When you first learn to drive there are signs that say, "NO U TURN". As you grow up and experience lifes changes, you're told, "NO U TURN." And from time to time, you see someone decide to make a U turn where they aren't supposed to. Maybe this is on a lonely country road, or through a street in town. Everyone hates when people make a U turn because it's unexpected and not what is the norm of traffic driving rules. But let's think about how that U turn affected you. Did the person making a U turn change your direction of where you were going? Did their U turn make you late for work or a date? Did that U turn have anything to do with you?  So dispite the fact that the U turn was made by someone else, it was perceived to be the wrong thing to do entirely in your eyes. In Pennsylvania there are many rules about U turns. You can't make one here or there or just about anywhere without some form of consequence. But what IF you decided to make a U turn? Do you look around to see who's watching? Do you say to yourself, I don't care who see's me? Do you sit back and hope that you don't get caught by the police? A U turn constitutes a change in direction. It is the thought of needing to go backwards to get back to where you were intending to go.  Now down here in MD, a U turn can be done just about anywhere that is safe and appropriate. So, if we think about taking a U turn when it's allowed, there appears to be plenty of U turns happening. So if someone doesn't have to worry about the consequences or doesn't put much thought into them, they tend to make more U turns then the normal person. They don't think about who's watching or what would someone think. The U turn is made without justification, but is warranted for whatever the reasoning or purpose it has.  To make a U turn is simple. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that some times we step back a minute in life to move forward but then take a different direction. Eventually we make many U turns and through those U turns we find new roads and avenues that extend from that road. Periodically we might find a new way to get where we are going, or we simply just remember what one direction may lead or the other. So I say to you, why listen to "NO U TURNS" when you can simply say "YES A U TURN!" And when you make that U turn, you find yourself heading right where you wanted to be all along.
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