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    Posted May 31, 2014 by
    Tunisia, Tunisia

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    Morocco, Tunisia

    Establishes the speech made by King Mohammed VI , on Saturday , in front of the National Constituent Assembly of Tunisia , to a renewed vision of what it should be , in the future , the Arab Maghreb Union , which was established since more than a quarter of a century .

    The face of the king , on Saturday in Tunis , an invitation to the emergence of " a new system of Moorish " , on the basis of the spirit of the Treaty of Marrakech and operative institution to the Maghreb Union .

    The new King in the same speech , emphasized that for many considerations, " we continue to call on , years ago , to the emergence of a Moorish new , on the basis of the spirit and the operative part of the Treaty of Marrakech constituent , which completed its fifth year and the century" , pointing out that the Arab Maghreb Union " no longer is optional , a luxury or politically, " but became " a popular demand urgent and imperative of a regional strategy . "

    He added that this system will allow the five countries keep up with the rapid changes that you know the area , according to a participatory approach and comprehensive , could raise various challenges of development and security , stressing that "the countries of the Maghreb are invited, more than ever before , to be the will sincere to overcome obstacles and barriers artificial stands before the real start of our Union , in the framework of trust, dialogue and good neighborliness and mutual respect for national peculiarities . "

    King noted that the achievement of comprehensive development for the peoples of the Maghreb region , imposes provide the right climate for the completion of major projects fusion , and in particular the completion of the establishment of a free trade area of the Maghreb .

    It also requires , adds King , building networks to link various counts of infrastructure , so as to facilitate the free movement of persons , services, goods and capital between the countries of the Maghreb , explaining that it will make it possible to open up wider prospects for development, what is meant by the secretion of wealth and job opportunities .

    And King Mohammed VI said that " achieving our ambition to build Morocco's large , strong and able to fulfill the role assigned to it , politically, economically , socially and security , must be based on bilateral relations established between its five on the one hand , and on the projects fusion , enhance the status and the path of the Arab Maghreb Union on the one hand the other , "stressing in this context , that Morocco will spare no effort to strengthen its relations with the rest of the countries of the Maghreb sister , which will share the same " we believe that bilateral cooperation constitutes a solid foundation for the work of joint Maghreb . "

    He stressed the need not to fall behind the Maghreb region schedule with history. The union can not be kept outside the logic of the times, condemning disruption unfortunate Maghreb Union , which " prevents the optimization of the bounties and capabilities , which abound in our Maghreb countries " , and mortgage the future of the region , and makes it far from the trends in various regions of the world .

    In explaining this trend , the most prominent experiments confirmed that King failed approaches exclusionary , in the face of the security risks that threaten the region , especially in view of the current space of Sahel-Saharan security challenges and development .

    He said he " was wrong as well as those who believe that maintaining the status quo, and the status of inertia experienced by Morna big , can become a successful strategy , and in particular the persistent closure of the border , which is not in line with the founding Charter of the Union, nor with the logic of history and the requirements of interdependence and integration geographical " He said that this situation is going against the interests of the peoples of the Maghreb , which is looking forward to the unity and integration.

    The King , on the other hand , that the emergence of Morocco's large integrated , should be a practical approach and concrete content to the aspirations of the peoples of the region , that will strengthen the partnership between the countries of the Maghreb and the European Neighbourhood , both in the context of dialogue five plus five of the Western Mediterranean , or in the wider cooperation of the Euro - Mediterranean
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